Apple iPhone 15 and iPhone 14 compared: which iPhone should you go for?

Among the newly launched iPhone 15 series, it is the vanilla iPhone 15 that would be more affordable and hence accessible to the masses. Like it was the case last year, Apple carries over features from previous-gen Pro models to this year’s regular models. So, the iPhone 15 has several upgrades over the standard iPhone 14. However, since the iPhone 14 is still being sold by Apple, you may want to know what is different between the two iPhones and which one should you buy.

Let’s begin with how much each of these iPhones cost.

iPhone 15 vs iPhone 14 comparison: price in India

Apple iPhone 15 price in India
  • iPhone 15 128GB: Rs 79,900
  • iPhone 15 256GB: Rs 89,900
  • iPhone 15 512GB: Rs 1,09,900

Apple iPhone 14 price in India

  • iPhone 14 128GB: Rs 69,900
  • iPhone 14 256GB: Rs 79,900
  • iPhone 14 512GB: Rs 99,900

So, all storage variants of the iPhone 15 are priced at Rs 10,000 more than their iPhone 14 counterparts after the latter’s recent price cut.

iPhone 15 vs iPhone 14 comparison: specs at a glance

ModelsiPhone 15iPhone 14
Display6.1-inch OLED display with HDR10, Dolby Vision, up to 2,000 nits peak brightness, 1179 x 2556 pixels6.1-inch OLED display with HDR10, Dolby Vision, up to 1,200 nits peak brightness, 1170 x 2532 pixels
Camera48MP + 12MP rear; 12MP front12MP + 12MP rear; 12MP front
SoftwareiOS 17iOS 16, upgradable to iOS 17
ProcessorA16 Bionic (4nm)A15 Bionic (5nm)
ChargingUSB-C port, 20W wired, 15W wireless, 7.5W Qi chargingLightning port, 20W wired, 15W wireless, 7.5W Qi charging

This is just a spec-by-spec comparison and a comprehensive idea of their differences would be possible once we get hold of the new iPhones.

iPhone 15 vs iPhone 14 comparison: design, size and display

Compared to the iPhone 14, the iPhone 15 has rounded edges on both the front and back. Due to this, the new iPhone should feel more comfortable to hold.

Apple debuts iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus - Apple (IN)

The iPhone 15 also looks different because of a single piece of colour-infused glass back with a matte frosted finish. It comes in five colour options of Pink, Blue, Yellow, Black, and Green. Meanwhile, the iPhone 14 is available in Midnight, Purple, Starlight, Blue, Red, and Yellow colours.

On the front, the iPhone 15 has Dynamic Island which looks modern and brings interactive use cases and features (ongoing activities and alerts) which weren’t present on the iPhone 14’s broad notch.

Besides the pill-shaped notch, the iPhone 15 panel is also brighter with 1,000 nits in regular conditions, and 2,000 nits under sunny conditions. In comparison, the iPhone 14 screen could sport only 800 nits of regular brightness and 1,200 nits of peak brightness.

However, one of the most quality-of-life improvements is likely going to be the USB-C port at the bottom of the new iPhones. It is universally available, and unless Apple has some MFI restrictions, USB-C cables would be cross-compatible across iPhones, Macbooks, Android devices, and more. Even in design, the iPhone 14’s Lightning port has a protruding tip that could be more prone to damage compared to a female design of the USB-C.

iPhone 15 vs iPhone 14 comparison: camera

The most notable camera upgrade on the iPhone 15 is its 48MP main sensor with “optical quality 2x telephoto”, which means the phone crops in on the main sensor. Since it has more pixels (more data) to work with now, the result is said to be comparable to a telephoto output. 

Apple debuts iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus - Apple (IN)

The new camera setup on the iPhone 15 is also capable of clicking next-gen portrait photos. It captures more depth data even if you are not taking a portrait shot. This lets you apply the bokeh effect later on from the photos app. These are some features missing on iPhone 14’s 12MP main plus 12MP ultrawide combo.

Although the iPhone 15 also has a similar ultrawide snapper, it is said to offer improved night mode and HDR shots. 

iPhone 15 vs iPhone 14 comparison: performance

iPhone 15 ships with the chip from the iPhone 14 Pro models. That is a 4nm A16 Bionic SoC with a 6-core CPU and 5-core GPU. Apple claims improved power efficiency and performance over the 5nm A15 Bionic (also a 6-core CPU and 5-core GPU setup) on the iPhone 14.

The RAM and ROM configuration also seems to be the same on both devices.  

iPhone 15 vs iPhone 14 comparison: battery and connectivity

While Apple hasn’t disclosed the battery sizes of the iPhone 15 lineup, we know the charging standard has changed from the iPhone 14.

iPhone 15 USB-C
iPhone 15 USB-C

iPhone 15 has a USB-C socket which is different in design from iPhone 14’s Lightning port. However, the wired speeds as well as the wireless charging speeds seem to be the same as iPhone 14. This includes 20W wired (50% in 30 minutes claim), 15W MagSafe wireless charging, and 7.5W Qi wireless charging.

Both the USB-C of the iPhone 15 and the Lightning Port of the iPhone 14 offer USB 2.0 speeds only.

Among other things, the iPhone 15 upgrades also include Ultra Wide Band 2 (versus UWB on iPhone 14).

Key takeaways

The highlight feature of the iPhone 15 would be the USB-C port primarily since it offers universal compatibility. However, you could also consider it for the bigger 48MP main camera, Dynamic Island on its brighter display, a faster and more efficient processor, and a comfier design.

Apple iPhone 15 Series Launch: iPhone 15 starts at Rs 79,900; iPhone 15 Pro  starts at Rs 1,34,900 - BusinessToday

However, you are saving a lot by going with the iPhone 14 and not losing out on much. It still has a modern iPhone design, good cameras, a capable processor, and all the other goodness that you expect out of the Apple ecosystem. 

So, it kind of boils down to your budget, and whether you really want better cameras and USB-C convenience.