Apple claims top spot in user satisfaction, service quality, and more: Great Indian Smartphone Survey 2023

The results of the Great Indian Smartphone Survey 2023 are in with interesting stats and takeaways. With the Indian smartphone market filled with cutthroat competition, it can often be difficult for brands to offer perfect products and services to retain customers for longer. However, that doesn’t stop Apple from going over and beyond to deliver smartphones that delight the users and win their loyalty.

In our latest survey report, Apple has managed to come out on top in various attributes. We asked over 15,000 respondents a range of questions, from how satisfied they are with their current smartphone brand to their experience of visiting the service centres. The iPhone maker was the users’ top pick in many aspects. Let’s dive into the details.

Apple leads the way in user satisfaction

When it comes to user satisfaction, many survey respondents chose Apple in key aspects like the phone’s speed, front and rear cameras, software, and display, among others.

Apple tops in phone speeds
  • Starting with the phone’s speed, approximately 78 percent of people picked Apple as the top brand that delivers swift performance in day-to-day operations. Right behind Apple is iQOO which was the top choice of the respondents in terms of phone speeds last year.
Apple tops in rear camera quality
  • Coming to the rear cameras, almost 80 percent of Apple users seem to be very pleased with the camera capabilities of their iPhones. In comparison, 61.1 percent of Nothing users are satisfied with the rear cameras of their phones while iQOO gained 60.9 percent of the user picks.
  • Just like the rear cameras, Apple tops the charts in terms of selfie quality as 71.4 percent of iPhone users say they are satisfied with the front camera output. On the other hand, brands like Vivo and OPPO sit with 51 percent and 48.7 percent of user votes respectively for the given aspect.
  • Apple iPhones continue satisfying the users with the display capabilities as well. 76.7 percent of Apple users are happy with the screens of their iPhones.
Apple tops in software performance
  • Moving to software, once again Apple seems to be the most satisfactory brand as 80 percent of iPhone users seem to enjoy iOS and the features the software offers.
  • While Apple may not price its devices as aggressively as other brands, it sure comes on top as the most value-for-money (VFM) brand per the 91mobiles‘ smartphone survey. Not far behind are iQOO and Motorola.
  • What’s not in Apple’s favour is the response of iPhone users when asked about the battery backup of their phones. Apple was ranked the lowest with only around 50 percent of users claiming they are happy with their iPhone’s battery output.
Apple tops in user satisfaction
  • Lastly, it may not come as a surprise but Apple is also the brand which has won the most hearts of its users as 70.1 percent of respondents say they are satisfied with their iPhone when combining all the aspects.

    Apple delivers the best service quality

    Apple tops in service quality
    • As per the survey results, 5 in 10 people have taken their phone to a service centre to get it fixed or to solve an alarming issue.
    • Close to 41 percent of Apple iPhone users seem to be satisfied with the service quality offered by the brand.
    • On the other hand, 35.8 percent and 31.5 percent users of Nothing and iQOO smartphones respectively seem to be satisfied with the service quality provided to them. These numbers are marginally lower than that of Apple’s.

    Apple tops the list with the most loyal user base

    Apple leads the way with most loyal users
    • When users stick around with the same company for a long period of time, it is an indication that the brand is in the right direction. This can also be seen in the case of Apple as 59.1 percent of iPhone users claim that they will likely upgrade to a newer iPhone when the right time comes.
    • This is followed by brands like Nothing, Samsung, and OnePlus which also have a decent amount of loyal users but not as many as Apple.
    • The reason behind such great loyalty towards Apple could be because of the fact that the company has overall offered satisfactory smartphones that come on top in various departments such as display, cameras, software promptness, and more.
    • However, while Apple may have the most loyal user base, the number of users willing to purchase an iPhone next has dropped from last year by around 20.5 percent.
    From the final survey report, it’s evident that Apple has managed to deliver on various fronts such as offering commendable products that please the phone owners, a great level of aftersales service, and gaining the trust of users that makes them loyal towards the brand.

    With the launch of the iPhone 15 series just around the corner, Apple would be looking at bringing more users under its umbrella and providing them with the best experience possible. Besides that, the Cupertino giant could also acquire a good chunk of the user base from the market during the festive sales scheduled a few weeks from now.

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