Emerging brands like Nothing and Infinix rank high in user satisfaction, software, and more: Great Indian Smartphone Survey 2023

Previously, we talked about how Apple managed to top several aspects when it comes to user satisfaction, service quality, and overall brand preference, based on insights from our recent Great Indian Smartphone Survey 2023. The data also gave us some positive takeaways regarding emerging and relatively newer brands like Nothing, Infinix, and Tecno. These smartphone makers managed to impress their users over the past year with their offerings in aspects like user satisfaction, battery output, software performance, and even brand loyalty.

With over 15,000 participants voicing their experiences in our annual survey, here’s a quick look at the areas where emerging brands were able to go head-to-head with the big players in the smartphone space.

Nothing, Infinix, and Tecno see decent growth in ownership share

Emerging Brands in Great Indian Smartphone Survey 2023
  • All three emerging smartphone brands increased their ownership share over the past year, according to the survey results.
Emerging Brands in Great Indian Smartphone Survey 2023

  • With the launch of just two phones since its inception, Nothing currently has a 1.9 percent ownership share amongst our survey takers. This is a modest jump from 0.4 percent from last year when the brand had just released the Nothing Phone (1).
    Emerging Brands in Great Indian Smartphone Survey 2023
  • Coming to Tecno, the smartphone maker saw a subtle increase of 0.3 percent in terms of device ownership among the survey respondents.
  • Infinix’s ownership share went from 1.9 percent to 2.2 percent over the course of one year.
  • It seems like continuous smartphone releases from both Tecno and Infinix in the midrange segment have helped them to steadily penetrate the competition-filled market.

Nothing, Infinix, and Tecno come on top in various smartphone attributes

Here are the various attributes in which rising brands like Nothing, Infinix, and Tecno take up the top positions and satisfy the users with their offerings.

Nothing, Infinix, and Tecno smartphones offer reliable battery backup

Emerging Brands in Great Indian Smartphone Survey 2023
  • When it comes to providing battery endurance, users seem to be most pleased with Infinix smartphones. About 65 percent of the survey takers voted for Infinix when asked about their experience with their phone’s battery output. This makes Infinix the top brand in terms of battery reliability.
  • Not far behind are Tecno and Nothing which have managed to garner 55.6 percent and 55.3 percent of votes respectively from their users.
  • By looking at the charts we can see that Nothing, Tecno, and Infinix have outdone several big names in the smartphone industry such as OnePlus, Samsung, and Apple when it comes to battery performance.

Nothing smartphones offer impressive rear camera capabilities

  • Emerging Brands in Great Indian Smartphone Survey 2023
    Nothing has struck a big win in terms of photography via the rear camera. With 61.1 percent of votes in favour of Nothing, the brand seems to have greatly impressed its users with the camera output of Phone (1) and Phone (2).
  • With just two handsets in its portfolio, Nothing may also see diverse camera results in the future, just like other smartphone makers when and if it enters various price points.

Nothing pleases its users by packing in superb displays on its smartphones

Emerging Brands in Great Indian Smartphone Survey 2023

  • Close to about 69 percent of Nothing smartphone users are satisfied with their device’s display output and capabilities. This puts the London-based brand right behind Apple and OnePlus.
  • For the uninitiated, both Nothing Phone (1) and Phone (2) offer high refresh rate-enabled AMOLED displays.

Nothing outperforms top brands when it comes to software

Emerging Brands in Great Indian Smartphone Survey 2023
  • Moving on to the software department, thanks to Nothing’s clean and minimal software approach, the brand has managed to gather 71.6 percent of votes from its users.
  • This means that Nothing offers one of the best software experiences which its users appreciate.
  • To add more to that, with the latest Nothing OS 2.0 update, users can add widgets to Always-on-Display and lockscreen, overhaul the homescreen with monochrome icons, and use key features like app cloning and internet speed indicator.

Nothing stands as one of the top most satisfactory brands

Emerging Brands in Great Indian Smartphone Survey 2023
  • When asked about their overall satisfaction with their smartphone, about 62 percent of Nothing users claimed that they were truly pleased with their device.
  • This is right behind Apple which claimed the top position with 70.1 percent votes in terms of user satisfaction.

Nothing offers one of the best after-sales service

Emerging Brands in Great Indian Smartphone Survey 2023
  • Despite being a new player, Nothing has managed to claim a decent position when it comes to offering after-sales service.
  • Close to 35 percent of Nothing smartphone users said they were satisfied with the company’s service quality. These numbers are higher than the likes of Samsung, OnePlus, Vivo, and OPPO.
  • After-sales service is a crucial aspect for companies to adhere to. Failing to do so may dissatisfy the customers and eventually leave a bad impression in their minds of the brand. Being a new entrant in the market, Nothing may want to gather as many positives as possible.

Emerging smartphone brands could see increased brand loyalty

Emerging Brands in Great Indian Smartphone Survey 2023
  • Right after Apple, Nothing users seem to be the most loyal towards the company as 45.8 percent of survey participants have claimed that they will again purchase a Nothing smartphone when the right time comes.
  • On the other hand, a modest 2 percent of current Apple iPhone users are willing to shift to Nothing when and if they purchase a new smartphone.