Best AC brands in India: Top 10 Air Conditioners (ACs) to buy in 2023

Heat waves in India started early this year, and looking at where things stand, it feels like this is going to be one sweltering summer. One way to beat the summer is to get an air conditioner (AC) in your house. However, not just any AC. You need an air conditioner that offers effective cooling while keeping your electricity bill low. If you are confused with the options available in the market right now, we have got you covered. Below is a list of top ACs from the best AC brands in India to buy with their prices, specifications, USPs, etc. The list is based on users’ reviews, ratings on e-commerce platforms, and brand popularity. Check it out:

Top 10 ACs to buy in India

Here are our top picks for ACs to buy in India depending on your requirement and budget.

Best ACs Overall

LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star AI DUAL Inverter Split AC

A winning product from LG, this 1.5-ton split AC is built with AI dual inverter technology and offers top-of-the-line features like 4-way air swing and VIRAAT mode for uniform and faster cooling. Its durable and long-lasting design, convertible 6-in-1 cooling, auto clean tech, mute function, and smart diagnosis system further make this AC a great option for your home. It has a 5-star energy efficiency rating, which will help you save on your electricity bills.

Price: Rs 46,490 (2023 Model)

High cooling capacity (110% to 117%)Priced on the higher side
Best-in-class energy efficiencyPoor customer service in some areas
Durability and low noise operationInstallation charges apply
Smart features with addition of AI

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Panasonic 1.5 Ton Wi-Fi Inverter 5 Star Smart Split AC

When selecting an AC for your home, you may find this Panasonic 1.5-ton smart split AC a perfect fit for Indian summers. It is packed with many intelligent features like intuitive voice control, app control (MirAie), 7 in 1 convertible mode, 4-way swing, and more. Further, this AC is built with an auto-convertible inverter and Shield Blu technology for a longer life. With a 5-star energy efficient rating, this Panasonic AC is a great environment-friendly option.

Price: Rs 46,990 (2023 Model)

Advanced technology and great featuresMight get a little noisier with continued use
Durable and long-lasting bodySubpar customer service at best
Seamless hands-free operationPriced higher in its category
Energy efficient and low noise operation
One-touch service and self-diagnosis

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Best Budget ACs

Blue Star 1.2 Ton 3 Star Convertible 4 in 1 Cooling Inverter Split AC

If you’re looking for a quality option on a budget, this 1.2-ton inverter split AC from Blue Star is your best bet! Suitable for small-sized rooms, this AC is known for its 4-in-1 cooling mode, stabiliser-free operation, and low noise and vibration level. It is also built to last longer and comes with a 3-star energy efficiency rating to ensure that you save on electricity bills.

Price: Rs 33,990 (2023 Model)

Low power consumption in Eco modeAdditional charges apply for converting the model into a smart AC
Value for moneyCustomer service needs improvement
Durable and corrosion-resistantLimited features
Low noise and vibration operation

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Voltas 1.4 Ton 3 Star Adjustable Inverter Split AC

A good budget option for medium-sized rooms, this Voltas 1.4-ton inverter split AC promises quick and uniform cooling owing to its unique design, adjustable 4-in-1 cooling mode and 4-way swing. Features like anti-dust and anti-microbial filters, stabiliser-free operation, 3-star energy efficiency rating and low noise levels further make this AC a value-for-money buy.

Price: 32,490 (2023 Model)

Good quality on budgetNo Wi-Fi support
Self-diagnosis featureCooling might not be as powerful in very high temperatures
Low noise operationLimited features
Good customer service

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Best Energy Efficiency ACs

Whirlpool 1.0 Ton 5 Star, Flexicool Inverter Split AC

Worried about the high electricity bill that comes with AC use? Invest in this Whirlpool 1-ton inverter split AC, which comes with a 5-star energy-efficient rating and has an annual power consumption of ‎515.27 units. Other than being energy-efficient, this AC is highly applauded for its 4 in 1 convertible cooling mode, 6th sense technology, advanced inverter technology, and a hidden display. It also promises a long-lasting performance with low maintenance.

Price: Rs 34,490 (2023 Model)

Best energy-efficient AC in the price rangeWorks only for small-sized rooms
Effective cooling systemAfter sales service can be better
Minimal noise operation
Durable and low on maintenance

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LG 1 Ton 5 Star AI DUAL Inverter Split AC

If you’re ready to spend more now to be able to save on your electricity bills later, this LG 1-ton split AC with 5-star rating is your best bet. It is not only energy-efficient with an annual power consumption of 521.2 units, but also comes packed with some great features. These include AI convertible 6-in-1 cooling, VIRAAT mode (110% to 117% cooling capacity), 4-way swing, monsoon comfort technology, and robust and safe construction, among others.

Price: Rs 40,490 (2023 Model)

Low energy consumptionPriced on the higher side
20% high cooling capacity than most ACsCustomer service can be better
High on features and performance
Durable and long-lasting design

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Best Window ACs

LG 1.0 Ton 5 Star DUAL Inverter Wi-Fi Window AC

This 1-ton inverter window AC from LG comes with a best-in-class energy efficiency rating of 5 stars. What further makes this AC a great buy is its powerful features like dual inverter, 4-in-1 convertible cooling mode, smart design with top air discharge, durable and long-lasting body, and smart diagnosis system. This model also supports Wi-Fi monitoring and voice-enabled control with Alexa and Google Assistant for seamless touch-free operation.

Price: Rs 32,250 (2023 Model)

Economical and energy-efficientBasic swing mode is not available
Smart design and robust constructionMay be noisier than split ACs
Easy to install and low on maintenance
Wi-Fi support and voice control

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Havells-Lloyd 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC

Another great option in the category of window ACs is this Havells-Lloyd model with a 1.5-ton capacity. Suitable for medium-sized rooms (up to 150 square feet), this window AC features a smart and elegant design and is built to deliver enhanced cooling results. It has a dynamic LED display and supports remote control for user convenience. Its durable construction and 5-star energy efficiency rating further make it one of the best window ACs in the market.

Price: Rs 33,370 (2023 Model)

Smart design and durable buildNon-inverter compressor
Low power consumptionPriced high for the features it offers
Remote-controlled operation
Powerful performance

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Best Split ACs

Daikin 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

After the LG and Panasonic models are listed under Best ACs Overall, you can trust Daikin when it comes to offering the best-split ACs. This 1.5-ton inverter split AC by Daikin has an energy efficiency rating of 5 stars and ensures high performance for lower electricity bills. It comes packed with features like 3D airflow, power chill operation, Coanda airflow, and dew-clean technology for quick, uniform and uninterrupted cooling for a longer period of time.

Price: Rs 45,490 (2022 Model)

Incredible power efficiency yet low on maintenanceDisappointing reviews for installation and customer service
Effective cooling with 3D airflowOverpriced for the features it offers
Durable and eco-friendly build
In-built stabiliser

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Carrier 1 Ton 3 Star AI Flexicool Inverter Split AC

If you’re looking for a high-quality split AC that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, then this Carrier 1-ton model might be a great fit for you. It comes with Flexicool inverter technology that ensures effective cooling and higher energy savings even on the hottest of days. Other striking features of this AC include the PM 2.5 filter and an energy efficiency rating of 3 stars.

Price: Rs 30,990 (2023 Model)

High on performanceWorks only for small-sized rooms
Air purification filterLimited features
Requires low maintenance
Energy efficient

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List of 10 best AC brands in India

AC Buying Guide: How to choose the best AC?

When buying an AC, you must consider the following factors to make the right decision:

  • Room Size Vs Capacity: It is important to ensure that the capacity of the AC works for the size of your room. An undersized AC won’t deliver adequate cooling results, especially in extremely hot weather. On the other hand, an oversized unit can cause discomfort and will consume more energy. Refer to the table below:
    Room Size (in square feet)AC Capacity (in tons)
    Up to 1000.8
    Up to 1501.0
    Up to 2501.5
    Up to 4002.0
  • Type – Split or Window: Once you’ve decided on the capacity of the AC, you must compare whether a split AC or window AC would be a perfect fit for you. Mainly, it depends on your budget, convenience, and aesthetic sense. For instance, split ACs save space, make less noise and don’t disturb the aesthetics of your space. On the other hand, window ACs can be an eye sore but they’re more cost-effective.
  • Air Quality and Weather: Lastly, you need to consider the weather conditions and air quality of the place where you live. If you live in a city with poor AQI, you must invest in an air conditioner that comes with say, a dust or PM 2.5 filter. Similarly, if you live in humid climatic conditions, find an AC with a good dehumidifier.

Other than these three basic touchpoints, you can also compare the energy efficiencies of different ACs and their respective prices to see what fits your bill. You may also consider which brand offers the best customer service in your area and then make a decision.


Which AC brand provides the best service?

One AC brand that ranks high when it comes to customer service is Voltas. Its customer care representatives are known to be extremely responsive and get your issues fixed as soon as possible. Other brands that follow Voltas in after-sales service are Samsung and Carrier.

Which AC is better – 3-star or 5-star?

Totally depends on your budget! We’d suggest you invest in a 5-star AC. It may be pricier for you to buy but in the long run, it will help you save on your electricity bills. However, if you have a lower budget or your daily AC run is lesser, a 3-star AC may just be enough.

How to increase the life of an air conditioner?

To begin with, make sure you get an AC to suit your requirements in terms of the room size, air quality in your location and weather conditions to ensure a longer shelf life and working life. You can also follow these tips to make your AC perform better and last longer:

  • Get regular service done by professionals
  • Inspect the air filters, drain lines and thermostat regularly