8 best Telegram bots for groups you should know about in 2023

Telegram probably sits right at the top when it comes to having the most features on a mobile chatting app. One key aspect that separates it from other chat apps is the functionality to use bots. Telegram gives full freedom to its users to add bots within their chats that allow them to get more things done, which would otherwise require separate tools or apps. In this article, we go through some of the best bots you can use in Telegram groups to get the most out of the app.

Best Telegram bots for groups in 2023


Gamee Telegram bot

Starting the list with a fun bot, Gamee adds casual and interactive games to a Telegram group that allows members to compete against each other in games like Basketball, F1 Racer, Groovy Ski, and many more across a dozen of categories. The bot also saves the players’ key stats such as high scores, benchmarks, and positions from the games they play in the group. Apart from that, users can also play these nifty little games in their own personal chat.

AI anime images

AI image generator bot

This bot magically converts any image into an anime-like graphic while retaining the human postures and slightly altering the background to go in line with the main subject. To get started, simply send an image to the bot and within the next couple of seconds it’ll present you with AI-generated art that you can share on your social media profiles. At times, the bot may take some time to process during heavy traffic but will ultimately get the job done sooner or later. After adding the bot to a group, users will have to send a command along with an image to get processed results in return.



Spotybot allows group members to jam with each other on their favourite songs streamed directly from Spotify. But in order to make the bot work, one of the members from the group has to privately configure the bot by logging in with their Spotify account. Once Spotybot is added to a group, members can search for any song or artist, and the bot will return with an audio clip along with a direct link to Spotify.


Combot bot in Telegram

Check out this bot if you are managing a large group with hundreds of members on Telegram. Combot provides the admins with various moderation tools and filters to prevent the group members from flooding the chat with spammy and irrelevant messages. The bot also has a trigger system in place that will automatically delete unwanted notifications and images to maintain decorum in the group.


Reminder bot in Telegram

As the name would suggest, RemindMegaBot adds the functionality of setting reminders inside of a group chat as well as in a private chat. All you have to do is use this bot on Telegram is define their specific time zone. Once that is done, add the bot to a group and from thereon members can set reminders in their words such as asking the bot to “Have a get together on Saturday at 7 PM” or “Renew YouTube Premium family subscription on 25th of every month”.

Functions Robot

Functions Bot Telegram

Functions Robot comes with an array of nifty and useful tools mostly found on websites and apps. With this bot, Telegram group members can gain access to features such as URL shortener, password generator, translator, text-to-voice converter, logo searcher, and QR code generator within a chat itself. One would mostly use these tools privately, but it can be used for groups which involve lots of interaction among team members through Telegram.

Movies Tracker Bot

There can be times when group members seek movie recommendations from one another. The Movies Tracker Bot makes things easy by providing a movie’s description straight from IMDb into the chat. This way, members of the group get a quick glimpse of the movie without leaving Telegram. A must-have bot, if you’re a movie buff.


VID bot Telegram

While this is not a bot, it can come in really handy when you want to quickly send a YouTube video without leaving Telegram. Simply type in @VID (video name) and it will suggest you various videos from YouTube along with their thumbnails. So next time you want to share a video with your friends, go ahead and use this simple function.

How to use and add Telegram bots to chats

Telegram bots can be configured and used by typing a set of simple commands in the chat. Here’s the step-by-step procedure to add Telegram bots to a chat:

  • Firstly, find the relevant bot you wish to add to Telegram by either using the search bar or getting the bot’s URL link from websites.
    How to add bot in Telegram
  • Next, once the bot’s chat interface opens, tap on the title to open the info page
    How to add bot in Telegram
  • On this page, tap on ‘Add to Group or Channel’
    How to add bot in Telegram
  • Give all the necessary permissions and lastly, hit ‘Add bot to group’ or ‘Add bot as admin’ button; at the bottom


1. What are Telegram bots?

Telegram bots allow users to add those features and tools to Telegram which are not natively present on the app. With the help of an API, developers are able to create bots that users can use to get the most out of the app. By giving commands, these bots can perform various activities according to their scope such as moderating a group chat, generating AI images, creating custom stickers, and much more.

2. Are bots safe to use in Telegram?

Bots are relatively safe to use in Telegram. Before adding or enabling a bot, make sure to go through the permissions as at times these may ask to read the contents of the chats.

3. Where to find bots in telegram

Telegram bots can be found by searching their name from the ‘magnifier icon’ at the top right corner. These are depicted by ‘@’ handle. Click on the bot name and it will open a chat window where you can configure it.