[Exclusive] OnePlus Nord Watch renders leaked before launch: design, price in India, features

  • We’ve unearthed the renders, price, and features of the OnePlus Nord Watch in collaboration with tipster Mukul Sharma.
  • The OnePlus Nord Watch is expected to come in two models in five different shapes: three with circular dials and two with rectangular dials.
  • All five variants may support GPS and retail at around the Rs 5,000 price point in India.

OnePlus is working on its second smartwatch’s debut, this time – it seems to be an entire lineup of smartwatches. The brand released its first smartwatch, the OnePlus Watch, back in 2021. This smartwatch also saw a Harry Potter edition later that year. Fast forwarding a few months, news of another OnePlus smartwatch, the OnePlus Nord watch, started surfacing online. It appeared on OnePlus’ official website, hinting at an imminent launch. Later, the gear bagged the BIS certifications, and internal testing in India began.

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Today, we’ve unearthed the renders, price range, and features of the OnePlus Nord Watch’s multiple variants, courtesy leakster Mukul Sharma (@stufflistings). Let’s take a closer look at each of the upcoming OnePlus Nord Watch model’s renders and features.

OnePlus Nord Watch renders, price, features

The renders of the OnePlus Nord Watch suggest that we may witness two models in five variants of the OnePlus Nord Watch: three with circular dials and two with rectangular dials. The rectangle dial OnePlus Nord Watches will support 240×280 and 368×448 resolutions, and the circle dial OnePlus Nord Watches will support 240×240 and 390×390 resolutions. We are yet to learn about the launch timeline of the various models. According to Sharma, all five watches will retail around Rs 5,000 in India. Like the original OnePlus Watch, these OnePlus Nord Watches are also expected to support GPS.

OnePlus Nord Watch

Coming to the renders, one circle dial OnePlus Nord Watch has two buttons on the right side and features a protective edge on the screen with dash lines indicating hours. We believe it’s a rugged variant of the OnePlus Nord Watch.

Another circle dial OnePlus Nord Watch has a similar design as the above watch, but we don’t see any protective edge or dash lines on this one.

OnePlus Nord Watch

The third OnePlus Nord Watch with a circular dial looks akin to the original OnePlus Watch. This one, however, has a circle controller on the right side; instead of the two buttons, we saw on the OnePlus Watch.

OnePlus Nord Watch

On the rectangle dial side, one OnePlus Nord Watch has a disconnected band that wraps into the outer part of the smartwatch. In addition, it features a black circle controller on the right to operate the watch.

OnePlus Nord Watch

Another rectangle dial OnePlus Nord Watch has a white circle controller on the right, the band fits into the dial, and we believe this one has a smaller display than the other rectangle dial OnePlus Nord Watch.

Here’s how the UI of these rectangle dials OnePlus Nord Watch will look:

OnePlus Nord Watch UI

That’s all we know about the OnePlus Nord Watch so far. It’s still early days and there may be developments in the product portfolio at OnePlus’ end, and the final lineup may look different. We expect to learn more about the specifications, launch date, and availability in the upcoming days.