This electric scooter comes with 210 kms range on a single charge, priced at Rs 74,990

  • Hero NYX HX electric scooter is available in 2 different colour options of Black and Silver.
  • The scooter comes up with a combined braking system for both of its wheels.
  • Hero NYX HX uses a 600W motor that promises a top speed of 42kmph.

With the ever-increasing fuel prices in India, daily commuters on two-wheelers are looking for cost-effective solutions to reduce the burden on their pockets. One of such solutions comes from the house of Hero Electric, in the form of Hero Electric NYX HX scooter. Hero promises a whopping 210 kms range on a single charge with this scooter, with the supplied 600W motor. That’s quite mind-boggling, considering any average gasoline-based scooter, only provides up to 50-60km range at max with a single liter of petrol. The Hero electric scooter outshines them by giving almost 4x the mileage.

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The scooter promises a top speed of 42kmph and its three lithium-ion battery packs give a combined capacity of 1.536kWh, which helps in getting that astonishing 210km range. The company further claims that the scooter can charge in four to five hours, meaning an overnight charge is the best option for this scooter. Another good bit about the scooter is that the batteries are placed in such a way that the under-seat storage has ample space and can carry a regular-sized helmet along with other small items as well.

Further, the hardware on the NYX HX includes telescopic front forks and swingarm-linked dual shock absorbers at the rear to handle the suspension tasks and faulty potholes on the road. It is equipped with 10-inch alloy wheels alongside drum brakes on both wheels. The unique dual split seats offer comfort for the rider and the pillion, while the ample space on the floorboard offers room for carrying luggage or any other commodity with ease.

Hero NYX HX price in India, availability

The Hero NYX HX electric scooter, which would be a great option for business owners, who deal with commuting vehicles is available for Rs 74,990 (ex-showroom) in India. Prospective buyers can also avail of individual state subsidies, to further reduce its actual cost on road. The NYX HX is also offered with a free one-year roadside assistance plan and is available in two colour options of black and silver.

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