Hogwarts Legacy tips and tricks: here’s how you can improve your gameplay experience

Here are some Hogwarts Legacy tips and tricks to make your magical journey easier.

The much-anticipated Hogwarts Legacy has been released to much fanfare. Hogwarts Legacy has become one of the most popular games on Steam even before its launch. According to SteamDB, the peak concurrent player count of Hogwarts Legacy on Steam is 489,139, which is higher than popular games like GTA 5, Destiny 2, Monster Hunter: World, and others. Before you embark on your journey through the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy, check out these tips and tricks to improve your gameplay experience:

Find and open eye chests

Gathering gold in Hogwarts Legacy can be a daunting task unless you are aware of the eye chests. These treasures are hidden across the map and you need to learn the Disillusionment spell to unlock them. You can acquire the Disillusionment spell early in the game by completing the Secrets of the Restricted Section quest. With this spell, you can sneak up on the eye chests and loot them for 500 gold. Considering the sheer amount of eye chests you can find on the map, you will most not run out of gold anytime soon. This will make buying other resources and items much easier in Hogwarts Legacy.

Grow your own plants

Hogwarts Legacy lets you buy as well as grow plants after you complete your first Herbology lesson. That said, growing your own plants is much more cost-effective as it helps you save gold in the long run. You can buy seeds from Dogweed and Deathcap in Hogsmeade and plant them in the Herbology classroom. You can also find and harvest plants you come across as you explore the map. After you unlock the Room of Requirement, you can purchase a potting table from Tomes and Scrolls to grow even more plants.

Finish Merlin Trials early

While playing Hogwarts Legacy, one of the most annoying things you will notice early in the game is the limited gear slots. You will discover a lot of new gear as you play the game and the lack of empty slots will not allow you to pick up new gear. To address this, you complete small open-world challenges called Merlin Trials that can be unlocked after you meet Natty in Lower Hogsfield. Each challenge costs Mallowsweet to begin and you will need to complete a small puzzle. After completing enough Merlin Trials, you will earn more gear slots.

Use Stupefy to make combat easier

Hogwarts Legacy’s combat requires you to break various types of enemy shields using specific spells. However, switching spell sets during a combat sequence can be quite difficult alongside trying to parry your enemy. To make the entire combat experience easier, you can learn the Stupefy spell in the game’s prologue. Stupefy breaks all shields and stuns your enemies to deal higher damage with other spells. You can also parry a smaller enemy and use Stupefy on tougher enemies who use attacks that cannot be parried. Besides these, you can upgrade Stupefy to deal damage after you hit and stun enemies for longer.

Learn spell combos thoroughly

As expected, Hogwarts Legacy has a lot of spells to learn that are extremely useful in combat. However, many spells need a secondary attack to deal more damage. For instance, Incendio is great for close-range damage, but not quite useful to attack enemies that are far away. You can combine it with Accio to pull an enemy closer and attack with Incendio. You can learn and practice spell combos by visiting Lucan Brattleby at the Clock Tower Courtyard Floo Flame.