How to unmute Notes on Instagram: a step-by-step guide

Instagram Notes is an exciting new feature in the Direct Messages section, enabling users to share their thoughts with followers using up to 60 characters. It serves as an excellent tool for connecting with others on Instagram. However, if you’re not receiving Notes notifications, it’s likely because they are muted.

Don’t worry, though, as we’ve got you covered. In this quick guide, we’ll show you how to easily unmute Instagram Notes, ensuring you never miss out on any important messages.

How to unmute Notes for someone on Instagram

  • Launch Instagram and tap on your profile icon from the bottom tab
  • Now select the ‘3-line’ menu from the top and tap ‘Settings and privacy’
    How to unmute Instagram notes
  • From here, enter “mute” in the search bar
    How to unmute Instagram notes
  • Now select the ‘Muted’ option that shows up
    How to unmute Instagram notes
  • On the next screen, you will get a list of a Instagram profiles you have muted through stories, posts, and notes
    How to unmute Instagram notes
  • Simply select the ‘unmute’ button beside their name

You can also follow the above-mentioned procedure to unmute an account’s stories or posts.

How to remove Instagram notes

Since there’s no clear-cut way to turn off or remove the notes feature from Instagram, users will have to resort to other options to get rid of the option.

Using Instagram Lite

Notes on Instagram Lite app

Unlike the main app, Instagram Lite only carries the essential features of Instagram and notes are not one of them. So, if you’re someone who is fed up seeing notes from accounts filling up your Direct Message (DM) section, go ahead and install Instagram Lite from Google Play Store. Unfortunately, the app isn’t available on the App Store for iPhones.

Using Instagram web

Just like Instagram Lite, the web version of Instagram also doesn’t carry the notes feature. Windows laptop/desktop and iOS users can resort to using the Instagram website on a browser if they wish not to view notes from the people they follow.


1. How to mute Notes for someone on Instagram

If you no longer wish to view notes from a person on Instagram, here’s how you can mute them on both Android mobile phones and iPhones.

Through the Direct Message page

Use this method if the person you want to mute has currently posted a Note.

  • Open Instagram and swipe left to open the Direct Message (DM) page
  • If the person has posted a Note, simply press and hold on their profile
    Mute Instagram notes through DM
  • Several options will appear
  • Simply tap on ‘Mute notes’ and confirm the same in the next popup
  • Now whenever the person uploads a Note, it won’t show up in your DM section 

Through profile page

Alternatively, you can also mute Notes from an account by heading over to their profile. Here’s how.

  • Firstly, search or select the Instagram profile from your following list you wish to mute notes for
  • Once their profile is opened, select the ‘Following’ button
    How to mute Instagram notes
  • From there, select ‘Mute’
    How to mute Instagram notes
  • Now toggle on the option besides ‘notes’
    How to mute Instagram notes
  • After doing that, you will no longer see the notes posted by them in your DM section

The ‘Mute’ settings also allows you to mute a profile’s stories and posts from showing up in your feed.

2. Can I turn off the Notes feature on Instagram?

As of now, there’s no dedicated option to turn off the notes feature from all profiles in one go. Instagram users will need to manually mute notes of other people on the people.

3. How to get Notes on my Instagram account?

If you haven’t received the notes feature on your Instagram account, the only way to get around this is to wait for the update or install the latest APK of Instagram from APK websites if you’re on Android. However, the latter won’t guarantee the addition of new features to your account as in most cases such features are added only through Insatgram’s server.  

4. Will the other person be notified when muting them on Instagram?

No, Instagram won’t notify or indicate the other person when you mute them be it for notes, stories or feed posts.