How to use Meta AI on WhatsApp and Instagram

Are you stuck in a conversation on WhatsApp or Instagram DM, unsure how to respond to a message? Meta AI is here to solve all your conversation needs. This new AI tool from the parent company of WhatsApp and Instagram allows you to seamlessly respond to a message with appropriate responses. In this guide, we will show you how to use Meta AI on WhatsApp or Instagram chat, explain what the tool is, explore its various use cases, and cover how to use Meta AI to generate images that you can share with others on these platforms. Check it out!

What is Meta AI? 

Meta AI is a conversational AI assistant that’s now part of WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram. It can search the web, answer your queries, give you real-time information and generate images from your text prompts.

Meta AI

How to get Meta AI on WhatsApp and Instagram

Step 1: Ensure you have the latest version of WhatsApp and Instagram on your phone. 

Step 2: Next, open WhatsApp or Instagram whichever you want.

Step 3: On the WhatsApp homescreen, you’ll see the Meta AI button (with a blue ring). On Android, it is present on the bottom end corner and on iOS, it is present on the top header. Tap on it and the Meta AI chat window will open. 

In the case of Instagram, you’ll find Meta AI on the DM screen. It is present as a search bar at the top as well as a conversation within the chat screen.

Meta AI

How to chat using Meta AI on WhatsApp and Instagram

Step 1: Open WhatsApp and tap on the Meta AI button. In the case of Instagram, go to the DM page.

Step 2: Type your query or prompt in the text box below.

Step 3: Tap the send button to shoot your prompt. 

Wait for Meta AI to respond. You can follow up with further queries or changes.

Meta AI features for WhatsApp and Instagram

  • Ask queries: You can type @MetaAI in a chat window and ask the AI your queries. It will give you answers.
  • Search the web: The links shared by Meta AI will direct you to Bing AI. It seems the company is using the Google and Bing search engine.
Meta AI
  • Get content recommendations: You can ask Meta AI to give you a particular type of content you want from their vast library of user-generated content. For example, You can ask Meta AI for a travel video Reel. 
  • Chit-chat: You can engage in regular conversation with the AI.
  • Generate images: You can send a prompt and get Meta AI to create a “photorealistic” image.

How to generate images using Meta AI on WhatsApp and Instagram

Step 1: Open WhatsApp or Instagram.

Step 2: On WhatsApp, tap the Meta AI button to enter the Meta AI chat window wherein you can ask it to create any image. Or you can type @ followed by /imagine “your prompt” and the bot will create the image for you.

On Instagram, you can either get the image generated from within the Meta AI DM window or go to any follower’s DM window and type @ followed by /imagine “your prompt”. 

Meta AI

The image will be generated in 1024×1024 pixel resolution and has a watermark. The image generation is powered by Meta’s own Imagine AI algorithm.


Where is Meta AI located on WhatsApp?

Meta AI button is located on the main WhatsApp screen.

What is the underlying LLM model used by Meta AI?

Meta AI appears to be powered by a custom model based on Llama 3. The search feature relies on the Google and Bing engine.

Are Meta AI conversations secure?

No, Meta AI conversations aren’t end-to-end encrypted. Also, Meta warns that these images can be inaccurate and inappropriate. So, they may not be secure for all use cases.  

Where can I access Meta AI?

Meta AI is currently available to select users on WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, and Meta.AI website. It is also coming to Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses and Quest 3.