India has the third cheapest mobile data rates in the world: Report

  • Study shows that India has one of the cheapest mobile data rates in the world
  • The price of 1GB of mobile data costs 241 times less than that in the USA
  • Users on the island of Saint Helena have to pay Rs 3,376 for 1GB of data while in India it costs just Rs 13.98


A recent study has now taken into account the average cost of 1GB of mobile internet data across various countries around the world. The study has been conducted by a UK-based price comparison website,, and takes into account a total of 5,292 mobile data plans across 233 countries. The data shows that India currently holds the position of the third lowest data rate at USD 0.17 (~ Rs 13.98). India currently has three major telecom operators, 4G and 5G connectivity, and various types of mobile network plans that cater to a huge active cell phone user base. 

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India has the third cheapest mobile data rates in the world

In a study that was conducted by a UK-based price comparison website, the average mobile rates across the world can be seen varying greatly. The cheapest data rates can be observed in Israel where 1GB of data on average costs just USD 0.04 (~ Rs 3.29) and goes all the way up to USD 41.06 (~ Rs 3,376) in Saint Helena, an island part of the British Overseas Territory. The rates in India are one of the cheapest at just Rs 13.98 for 1GB of mobile internet data. 

There is a huge spectrum of rates that can be seen and is staggering how various users pay different sums of money for the same amount of commodity. For example, the average data rates in Saint Helena come out to be over 241 times that of what users in India have to pay. Similarly, users in countries like China, the UK, and the USA have to pay more than 2 times, 4.5 times and 33 times for 1GB of data as compared to users in India. 

India has a great level of penetration with the reach of smartphones and modern internet facilities have improved tremendously in the last decade. India is currently on its way to extending the latest 5G connectivity to its users. Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel have expanded their network coverages recently to J&K and North Eastern Indian States