Logitech Z600 review: a powerful sound solution for wired or wireless use

“The Z600 is big on sound, but its audio management software kills the fun at higher volume levels”

Logitech Z60001

When it comes to wireless speakers, there are hundreds of solutions available in the market today from various brands. Logitech, which is considered one of the better brands globally, has come up with an interesting combination of wireless connectivity in form of wired speakers with the Z600 Bluetooth speakers. Why they’re interesting is because most manufacturers try keeping things completely wireless offering integrated batteries and connectivity solutions, or offer a completely wired solution. With the Z600, Logitech has tried combining wireless connectivity with wired speakers, though this is isn’t strictly new and has been tried by other brands as well. Logitech has adopted a number of innovations with the Z600 that make them interesting. However, when it comes to speakers, sound quality is the ultimate test, and we’ll find out how well the Logitech Z600 manage to brighten up your media experience. Logitech Z60010

Impressive design that’s a boon for the sound too

The Logitech Z600 is essentially a 2.0 speaker configuration-based system that includes two satellites and unlike many other wired speaker solutions within the same price category, does not feature a dedicated subwoofer. However, the key to the quality of sound the Z600 offers lies in its design – the speakers are shaped much like chimneys of a nuclear power station, with a wider base and narrower top. This arrangement allows for better resonance within the chamber, thereby amplifying the sound. Logitech Z60006 The satellites are constructed with the use of high-density plastics that reduces vibrations during playback for cleaner sound. On top of the plastic shell, there is a layer of mesh cloth that prevents accumulation of dust and adds to the looks of the speakers. Bluetooth is available for connectivity, but additionally the Z600 come with a 3.5mm connector at the back of the right satellite for hooking up with audio sources that do not have Bluetooth. Along with it, Logitech has also added a nano wireless transmitter inside the box for simple connectivity with PCs and notebooks. Logitech Z60004 The Z600 has a two-way speaker setup for each of the satellites. At the base, the company has fitted a 2-inch high-throw speaker taking care of the bass and the lower end mid-ranged frequencies, while at the middle there is a 1-inch driver reproducing the higher frequencies. On the top, Logitech has adopted another innovation and added touch-sensitive volume controls on the right satellite, which work almost like a volume knob and users need to move the finger in a circular manner to increase or decrease the volume. While the design is impressive, the designers and engineers have added several standout features to the Z600 Bluetooth speakers. The design makes these speakers useful for both notebooks and desktop computers, while mobile phone and tablet users can place them on their bookshelves without disturbing the aesthetics of their homes. Logitech Z60016

Clean and impressive sound

The Logitech Z600 is a speaker system that is good enough for personal listening but if you are planning to host a party, using these may disappoint you. These speakers are aimed at people who need quality sound output and not just high volumes. To enable this, Logitech has embedded a special algorithm inside these speakers that automatically reduces the bass and brings it to such a level that it does not affect the overall sound quality – and unlike many other sound systems, the bass is not overwhelming at higher volumes. Logitech Z60007 Ensuring quality sound output, the bass level is decreased relative to the sound output and on the basis of the volume level, which is really remarkable as the speakers offer different bass levels for different genres of music. The speakers have an overall sound output of about 13RMS, which is big for personal speakers and helps the Z600 deliver some powerful sound volume as well. One downside of the Z600 is that even though the speakers look omnidirectional, they are unidirectional in reality. However, if listening from a distance, there is hardly any difference noticed as the reverb takes over fast. The Z600 makes use of Bluetooth version 3.0 with A2DP for multimedia playback and AVRCP (Remote Control Profile) for controlling volume levels from the speaker itself. Sadly, there are no playback controls on the speakers. Logitech Z60015 When it comes to overall utility, the Z600 are biased more towards offering a wholesome listening experience than high volume levels, and are best experienced at about 50-70 percent volume levels depending on the type of music being listened to. Logitech Z60002


The Logitech Z600 speakers are priced around Rs 8,000 at which they promise a clean and immersive listening experience with ample volumes as well. The speakers with the 2.0 configuration and a dual-speaker design offer full justice to lows and highs, while keeping the mids undistorted. To make sure the quality remains intact, the integrated sound monitoring utility reduces the sound level of lows and highs at higher volume levels for offering a more balanced sound that is not overwhelmed by any one end of the sound octave. Logitech Z60010 The speakers offer both wireless as well as wired connectivity options and additionally come with a USB transmitter as well for ease of use and uncomplicated utility. Wireless connectivity allows users to connect up to three devices simultaneously with the Logitech Z600, and you can simply pause and play music using different devices – with the music being streamed from a single device at a time. Logitech Z60014 The speakers comes in black or white, and it is not just the mesh that is different, but also the entire body that’s sports the same hue. The Z600 comes with tangle-resistant, lie-flat cables that are definitely a boon. In all, the overall length of the wires is 2 meters, which is good enough for setting them up at a variety of different locations, and offers good separation between the two satellites as well. Sadly, the power supply is a large wall-mounted adaptor that looks ugly and chunky, although the white colour tries to reduce the awkwardness to an extent. We’d have preferred an integrated power supply. Logitech Z60011 Ultimately, at Rs 8,000, the Logitech Z600 are sweet music to the ears, are feature-rich and offer ample connectivity options as well. Moreover, users can pair three devices simultaneously, which is an added advantage. However, beware that this is an enthusiast-level speaker system that is definitely biased towards delivering better quality than volume. So if you are looking at something that would help you relax at the end of the day, then go ahead and get these. Otherwise, you may be better off considering something with a little more kick to get your party started. Editor’s rating: 9 / 10  


  • Crisp and clear sound
  • Wired / wireless connectivity
  • Touch-sensitive controls
  • Real-time sound quality monitoring


  • Bulky power adapter