Meta’s next smart glasses will let you directly livestream videos to Instagram

  • Meta Ray-Ban Stories’ successor is under development.
  • These Ray-Ban smart glasses will reportedly have live recording ability.
  • There are a few more rumoured features that may seem interesting but could also raise concerns.

The first-gen Meta Ray-Ban glasses weren’t as successful as Mark Zuckerberg and his Metamates would have wanted as only about 10 percent of the Ray-Ban Stories’ buyers are reportedly using it. Meta, in a quest to win back those lost customers and also new ones, is coming up with Ray-Ban Stories 2.0 which will let you livestream videos directly on Instagram and Facebook, and even talk to viewers.

Meta Ray-Ban Stories 2.0 features (alleged)

  • Live streaming: As per tech journalist Janko Roettgers, who has obtained some internal documents related to the next-gen Ray-Ban Stories, the new glasses will allow the wearer to live record videos and stream them. This could be a game-changer for influencers and journalists who won’t have to carry or hold a camera for recording or reporting something. The glasses will do that job. An in-built LED will blink when the wearer is recording or live-streaming through the device.
  • Audio feedback: While they livestream what they are seeing to their audience, they can also listen to the latter’s comments and reactions. They would hear this audio over the built-in headphones on the frame. 
Meta Ray-Ban Stories
  • Noise blocking: The gen-2 Ray-Ban Stories could also raise the volume of the audio playback depending on the ambient noise.
  • Hardware upgrades: Meta Ray-Ban Stories 2.0 is also expected to get better cameras and improved battery life.

The original Ray Ban Stories were launched in September 2021 and are currently retailing at $299 (around Rs 25,000). Meta’s Ray-Ban Stories’ second gen was due to launch this fall, but there has been no official word on it yet. The third-gen glasses are due for release in 2025 and are expected to come with a display which could show incoming messages and even translate text from other languages. Meta’s first AR glasses, codenamed Orion, are not expected to be out before 2027.

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