New PS5 models expected to launch in India soon: here’s what’s different from the current version

  • Sony recently launched a revamped PS5 model.
  • The new PS5 model is more power efficient and lighter than the current model.
  • The Bureau of Indian Standards has apparently approved new PS5 models.

Sony has recently started rolling out revamped PS5 models that are more power efficient and lighter than the current version. The new PS5 model was first spotted in Australia in August, and a recent teardown by YouTuber Austin Evans revealed a lot of details regarding the changes in PS5. The new PS5 models will apparently be available in India soon. According to Is PS5 Out in India?, the Bureau of Indian Standards has approved PS5 CFI-1208A and CFI-1208B, which are from the revamped CFI-1200 series of PS5. These models are expected to arrive in the upcoming PS5 restock.

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The PS5 CFI-1200 series comes with a revamped internal design to make the console even more efficient. The latest model has a new and smaller motherboard and improved cooling tech with an additional heat pipe and a smaller heatsink. With these changes, the PS5 weighs around 0.45 kgs lighter than the older version. Besides these, the CMOS battery is hidden under the heatsink, and you will need to disassemble the PS5 if you want to replace it. The SSD enclosure has also been changed, most likely to enhance heat dissipation. As a result of these changes, the new PS5 model requires almost 20 to 30 watts less power while playing games. Since all of these changes are internal, the external design of PS5 remains the same.

Sony is apparently working on another major redesign of the PS5. According to reports, the company is developing a new model of PS5 with a detachable disc drive. This model is rumoured to be in production since the PS5 launched in November 2020. While the external design of the new model is expected to be the same, it could be slimmer and lighter than the current PS5 model. The detachable disc drive may be connected via a USB-C port on the back, and the console could be sold individually or as a bundle with a detachable disc drive.