Ola Electric Sedan design leaked, shows a Tesla Model S-like minimalistic look

  • Ola Electric’s upcoming new electric sedan has been leaked via an image of its 3D prototyping model
  • The upcoming Ola Electric Sedan will get a teardrop-style design with a smooth and minimal design language
  • The Ola Electric sedan will get an aerodynamic shape, camera-based rearview monitoring system and aero-cap wheels

Ola Electric’s halo project, the Ola Electric Car could be finally taking shape and a leaked design image confirms the same. Ola Electric’s first electric car will be a sedan as was hinted by CEO Bhavish Aggarwal last year. The new leaked image now showcases a 3D model of the upcoming EV which also shows that the vehicle is currently at its prototyping stage. The details of the powertrain and other production-related details are still unavailable. 

Ola EV design

The new design leaks reveal the upcoming EV’s cab forward design with a smooth-flowing line that would aid aerodynamics. The minimalistic approach to the design also means that the EV is devoid of any unique or eye-catching design features at this stage. 

The bonnet is set low and the haunch bulges over the wheel arches flow into it giving its appearance some muscle. The front fascia is looking clean and gets slim headlights flanked by two straight vertical intakes positioned below. The Ola Electric Sedan could also sport a light bar connecting the headlight upfront as was teased earlier. 

The top of the electric sedan seems to be inspired by Hyundai IONIQ 6, Tesla Model S, BYD Seal, and the Sony-Honda Afeela sedan – which means that the EV will get a blacked-out roof with a large glass area. The sides also get a vent behind the front wheel arches that could be used to channelise air smoothly around the body. Ola Electric could also adopt a camera-based rear view monitoring system to improve the aerodynamics of the EV further. 

While the teardrop-shaped approach is what EV makers are pushing for, the steeply raked windscreens both upfront and the rear mean less headroom for passengers inside. Moreover, the EV design language is getting fairly common as more and more cars adopt it and it remains to be seen how Ola Electric manages to distinguish its offering when the car reaches its production stage. 

Ola EV launch date

The Ola Electric Car was said to debut towards the end of 2024. While a clear timeline has still not been provided by the Bengaluru-based EV startup, the project to take longer to reach the audience as the company would be manufacturing a four-wheeler for the first time. 

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