[Exclusive] OPPO electric scooter price in India tipped, Tata Nano-like four-wheeler also expected

  • OPPO is planning to launch an electric two-wheeler for under Rs 60,000.
  • The company is said to be working on a Tata Nano-like four-wheeler vehicle.
  • OPPO EVs are expected to debut around late 2023 or early 2024.

91mobiles had exclusively revealed that OPPO is indeed planning electric vehicles for India and they might debut sometime between 2023 and 2024. Now, as a follow-up to the original story, we have managed to gather some more details from tipster Yogesh Brar about the OPPO EV launch. Firstly, the plans are still in very early stages, which means the launch timeline can be pushed further if things don’t go according to plan. The company is apparently planning a two-wheeler EV and its price is said to be under Rs 60,000, which is relatively cheaper since two-wheeler EVs are from Bajaj, Ola, Ather, and others typically cost around Rs 1L at the moment.  

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Additionally, there’s also a compact Tata Nano-like four-wheeler in the works from OPPO. Considering Tata Nano was launched at around Rs 1 lakh starting price back in the day, we can expect the OPPO four-wheeler to be priced aggressively as well, albeit with some comprises in features and design. Since it’s compared with Tata Nano, we can speculate the design could be compact and may fit only limited numbers, unlike a typical hatchback or sedan. OPPO is designing these vehicles mainly for the intracity commute. We can probably expect more models in the future that will be premium and take on brands like Tata, MG, Ather, Ola, and others.

OPPO EV trademark

Apparently, OPPO is holding talks with battery manufacturing companies and parts suppliers. Interestingly, some of these companies supply parts to leading brands like Telsa. Since this will be OPPO’s first-ever take on electric vehicles, the company would want to get things right. After Realme and OnePlus, OPPO has also trademarked electric vehicles in India. Interestingly, the trademark application was filed way back in 2018 but is only coming to light now. Since there’s almost a 2-3 years gap from now till OPPO actually launches the EV, we hope to come across more details about them. Stick around.

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