POV full form: What does POV mean on Instagram, uses, examples and more

POV is a term that is used in both regular conversations and social media. However, the way Instagrammers use it isn’t as straightforward as it is in the real world. The definition of POV takes on a distinct meaning on Instagram Posts, Stories and Reels. It could appear as a piece of content like an image, video, etc. or as a caption. So, you need to understand what POV means to get the context of the content you are watching or to set the context of the content you are creating.

In this article, we will delve into POV meaning on Instagram, while also offering guidance on how to effectively employ it in your posts.

POV full form and its meaning on Instagram

POV means Point Of View on Instagram that shows the content to the viewer as if they are seeing it from their perspective. A perceived experience, if you will.

This could be in two ways:

  • The creator tries to make the viewer feel they are there in the place of (or with) the creator and experiencing the scene in the video with their own eyes.
  • The creator tries to take you through a relatable imaginary situation. It could be a recreation of a real situation too.

So, the camera angle and the overall production would be in such a way that the audience feels they are having an immersive first-hand experience of things as they happen.

This is the opposite of a selfie or vlog wherein the content is presented from the creator’s perspective.

How to use POV on Instagram with examples

POV hashtags or POV quotes can be used in both formal and informal scenarios. Let’s first take the informal route.

Informal POV uses with examples

A personal opinion on a trending/raging topic

You are stating your point of view about a trending news topic. It could be political in nature. 

Eg: You are creating a POV reel about the poor state of affairs in one of the North Eastern states of India.

Expert POV

In these videos, you act as thought leaders and share your expert opinion on what should people buy or invest in.

Eg: Somebody giving you their expert POV video on which electric car you should buy in a specific budget range.

Vacation story videos

You could show the places you go and the things you do in a first-person point of view. You could also slide in some shots of you doing something that the audience sees as if they are there with you. They get to see how you are enjoying and feel as if they are with you at that place.

Eg: You could shoot using a GoPro and capture the entire Goa trip through a first-person lens.

Food posts

In such POV videos, you could be shown cooking and eating something that let the audience feel they are with you making or savouring the dish.

Eg: You could make an Upma cooking POV video and show the audience the right amount of ingredients and other things.

Formal POV uses with examples

Educational Content

These POV videos could be for instructional purposes, such as tutorials and how-to guides. You are guiding or instructing the audience about how something is done. You’re imparting your knowledge.

Eg: You upload a video on how to install the new iOS update and show the viewers the different iOS 17 features.

Product Demos

You can prepare a POV video to show the audience (or the market) about how your product works or its highlight features.

Eg: Apple often releases POV videos wherein you get to see the new features of its products and their benefits. The production value is unreal though as it’s coming from the richest company in the world. In this iPhone 12 introduction video, you see the advantages of having 5G connectivity on your new iPhones.

Virtual Tours

This could be a POV video of a place wherein you the audience get to witness the place from a first-person perspective. Some videos will implement a 360-degree view feature also so that you can participate and interact, rather than just passively watch it.

Eg: There’s a YouTube video of a 360-degree Airline Pilot’s View. It offers a pilot’s workflow including running checklists, navigating through stormy weather, etc.

Behind-the-scenes (BTS videos)

You could give your audience a Behind The Scenes view of your work/project in a POV style. You could show not only the effort it takes to design a shot but also include the bloopers

Eg: A POV video tutorial by YouTuber Jussi Alexander on how to film yourself. 

How to use POV captions

POV captions accompany a POV video or post that shows the audience the world or some aspect of it from a front-row seat.

Eg: I hope you are enjoying the coffee. (Scenario: The video presents you in a cafe across the table and the audience feels they are where the camera is. So, it seems as if you both are having a coffee date.)

Now, needless to say, if you decide to share these videos on other similar social media or instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook, you can do that. 

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