Realme 5G phone sales grew 831 percent in Q3 2021, fastest in the industry: Counterpoint

  • Realme was the first brand to launch a 5G smartphone in India, the X50 Pro
  • The company saw incredible growth in India, China, and Europe thanks to its 5G smartphone sales in Q3 2021
  • Realme was able to outgrow the global 5G market sales YoY by a significant margin in the period

According to a new report by Counterpoint Research, Realme was the fastest-growing 5G Android smartphone brand globally in Q3 2021. In fact, the report claims Realme 5G phone sales are far ahead of rival brands’, i.e. OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi, Samsung, and Honor. To recall, Realme became the first brand to bring a 5G smartphone to India with the Realme X50 Pro 5G, and now it has become a global superpower in 5G phone sales. The company has seen excellent year-on-year growth in markets such as India, China, and Europe in Q3 2021. Let’s take a look at some numbers now.

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5G smartphone sales

The Counterpoint Research report states Realme was the fastest-growing 5G Android smartphone brand in Q3 2021. The Chinese manufacturer’s 5G smartphone sales grew by 831 percent YoY, whereas the rest of the market saw a global growth of 121 percent on average. India, China, and Europe were mentioned as its major growth regions.

In comparison, OPPO’s 5G phone sale grew 165 percent, followed by Vivo at 147 percent. Xiaomi didn’t make it to the top 3 and settled for the fourth position, with 134 percent increase in 5G phone sales in Q3 2021. Samsung rounded off the top 5 with a 70 percent rise in the sales of 5G smartphones. HONOR was a distant sixth in this list with an 11 percent increase in sale.

Realme offers a wide range of 5G smartphones across all price points, making it easy for even the budget consumer to have access to 5G technology. This has helped Realme grow at a much faster rate than other smartphone brands.

Sky Li, Founder and CEO of Realme, said, “Our goal is to help at least 100 million young people worldwide to enjoy the benefits brought by 5G technology with 5G-powered smartphones at the core. We will continue to bring more appealing 5G products to the market with leap-forward performance and trendsetting designs.”

Madhav Sheth, CEO – Realme India, issued a statement, saying that every Indian deserves a 5G phone and is therefore helping make 5G accessible to everyone. He also said that Realme plans to expand its 5G portfolio to deliver a better 5G experience with new designs and premium specifications. “The 831 precent growth rate shows that consumers like Realme products very much, both in India and globally. Realme has also been ranked third in the top 5G smartphone brands in emerging markets thanks to a 15.5 percent increase in 5G market share in Q2 2021.”