Toyota C+walk e-scooter with 8.5 miles range unveiled: price and features

Toyota C+walk e-scooter is launched and here's everything that it brings to the table.

  • Toyota C+walk e-scooter has been unveiled in Japan.
  • It features a top speed of 6 miles per hour, a range of 8.5 miles on a full charge, an obstacle avoidance system, and a removable battery.
  • Toyota C+way e-scooter is priced at JPY 341,000 (approx Rs 2,28,401).

Toyota, a popular Japanese automaker has unveiled a new e-scooter, dubbed as the Toyota C+walk three-wheeled electric scooter and it will be available locally from November 2021. It comes after the company had introduced the Toyota Concept i-Walk in 2017 and features a top speed of 6 miles per hour and can go as low as to 1 mile per hour if required. It has a range of 8.5 miles on a full charge and thanks to the removable battery, buyers can double the range on the e-scooter with a spare battery. It can take 2 hours to fully charge the battery.

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Toyota C+way price

The Toyota C+way e-scooter is priced at JPY 341,000 (approx Rs 2,28,401) in Japan. It will be available to purchase or lease starting from next month. The company hasn’t mentioned anything about the global availability and price at the moment but we might hear more details soon.

Toyota C+walk

Toyota C+way features

Toyota says that it conceptualised the C+way to assist elderly workers who move across large facilities like warehouses, factories, and airport terminals. There’s also an obstacle avoidance system that pushes an alert when it detects something on the path of the scooter. It will also slow down the scooter if a collision is imminent. The Toyota C+walk has White and Black accents and looks minimal with regards to the design.

There’s a tiny screen on the top and it surfaces the charging status and speed of the e-scooter. There are brakes to slow down the scooter. We should learn more about its global debut once it hits stores in Japan. Stick around.