Web OS 2.0 Pictures Leaked

Digital Trends Magazine reported about the leaked Web OS 2.0 pictures recently. HP recently bought Palm and is mainly betting the Palm’s cool Mobile operating system Web OS 2.0, to mark a comeback in the mobile phone industry. Have a look at some of the screenshots of much acclaimed Web OS 2.0

webos_2.0_p14 webos_2.0_p001 webos_2.0_p01 webos_2.0_p02 webos_2.0_p03 (1) webos_2.0_p04 webos_2.0_p05 webos_2.0_p06 webos_2.0_p07 webos_2.0_p08 webos_2.0_p09 webos_2.0_p10 webos_2.0_p11 webos_2.0_p12 webos_2.0_p13

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