WhatsApp multi-device support launching soon, new log out feature spotted

  • WhatsApp users will soon be able to log out of their accounts from a linked device
  • WhatsApp is also working on two types of multi-device support, one of which lets you link your WhatsApp account to up to four devices
  • The other type lets you use WhatsApp Web without your main phone to be connected

WhatsApp multi-device launch has been anticipated for a while now and it seems the feature will make it to iOS and Android soon enough. In the latest WhatsApp beta version 2.21.30, WaBetainfo has discovered that users will soon be able to log out of their accounts on a linked device. Until now, the only way to delink an account from a device was to uninstall WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business and log in with new credentials. Users ran the risk of losing potentially important chats and media in the process, had they not been backed up properly. Here’s a short video of how the functionality will work:

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Wabetainfo states that the feature works fine on both WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger (the regular version). It should be available on Android devices as well. However, we may have to wait a while before we can try it out, as WhatsApp is testing the feature and is unlikely to roll it out until it is determined to be bug-free. While the ability to log out of an app might seem like a seemingly basic function, WhatsApp has lacked it for years and it is good to see it being implemented. 

WhatsApp working on two versions of multi-device support

The log out feature indicates that WhatsApp is inching closer to perfecting the highly-anticipated multi-device support. The report suggests that there are two variants of the functionality being tested. One will let you run WhatsApp on a desktop/browser without the linked phone requiring an active internet connection. The other will let you connect up to four devices to your main WhatsApp account. However, multi-device support will be tricky to implement on WhatsApp because all chats are end-to-end encrypted by default, so they can only be decrypted on one device at a time.