Android 15 to come with new easy mode with large icons for easy accessibility: report

  • The easy pre-set mode is designed to optimise the Android user interface for better readability and navigation.
  • Currently, the settings page for the easy pre-set feature can only be accessed manually.
  • The much-anticipated Android 15 is expected to be released later this year.

Following the rollout of the first beta version of Google’s Android 14 QPR3, a new report now reveals the discovery of a hidden settings page for a new feature named “easy pre-set”. Based on findings, this mode appears to be designed to enhance the usability of Android users who may not be as proficient with technology or who may face vision-related challenges. Here are the details about the ‘easy pre-set’ mode.

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‘Easy pre-set’ mode in Android 15

  • A report by Android Authority said the strings found within Android 14 QPR3 Beta 1 shed light on the functionality of the newly introduced easy pre-set mode.
  • As per these strings, the mode is designed to optimise the Android user interface for better readability and navigation.
  • This involves enlarging icons and text, enhancing contrast and boldness, and adding navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen.
  • The report notes that the settings page for the easy pre-set feature could be accessed manually, but enabling the mode directly was not possible at the time of discovery.
  • Additionally, it was observed that activating this mode also replaces the current wallpaper with a pure black image.

The report mentioned that while the easy pre-set feature is included in the Android 14 QPR3 Beta 1 release, it is improbable that Google intends to roll out this feature with the stable Android 14 QPR3 update in June. Instead, Google might introduce this feature as part of Android 15 later in the year. The presence of this feature in the QPR3 beta is likely due to Google concurrently developing both the QPR and Android 15 releases.

Expected features of Android 15

Not much is known about the features of the upcoming Android 15, but a recent report has surfaced mentioning a new feature called Auracast within the operating system. Auracast is expected to enable users to broadcast audio via Bluetooth.

It’s speculated that the tech giant intends to introduce a dedicated “audio sharing” page in Android 15, allowing users to share or connect to nearby LE Audio streams. This feature aims to simplify the process of broadcasting audio to nearby devices, such as TVs or phones, by eliminating the need for complex pairing procedures.