Apex Legends characters, maps, weapons and more for the upcoming seasons leaked

A massive Apex Legends leak has revealed planned content from nine upcoming seasons.

  • A massive Apex Legends leak has revealed planned content for the nine upcoming seasons
  • The leaker has revealed Legends coming to the game along with their abilities 
  • Details of Apex Legends’ new maps, weapons, and emotes have also been leaked

A huge Apex Legends leak revealing the unannounced heroes from the upcoming seasons has popped up online. The leaker has also confirmed the new maps, weapons, and weapon attachments coming to free-to-play battle royale shooter Apex Legends. The information was posted on the Apex Uncovered subreddit by u/5849373 along with 15 gameplay videos, which the tipster claims are from an internal developer build. Most of these contents are not ready yet as the gamemaker Respawn is apparently planning to release them over the next nine seasons.

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While all original files have been taken down, it wasn’t long before they were fully documented in the ensuing Reddit thread and beyond.

Apex Legends’ new characters and their abilities

Here are all new Legends or characters, along with their abilities, that are expected to feature in the upcoming Apex Legends seasons.


  • Spectator (passive) – Automatic optic-haunt and spectate your killer
  • Optic-Haunt (tactical) – Parasite trap that reveals the target’s vision
  • Shadow Wall (ultimate) – Wall of darkness that blocks line of sight and blinds


  • Capacitance (passive) – Recharge own shield and recharge faster if allies are near
  • Arc Flash (tactical) – Heals ally shield using your own
  • Alternating Current (ultimate) – Arc cluster bomb that damages enemy shield and heals Conduct’s shields


  • Weapon Sling (passive) – Can carry 3rd weapon
  • Suppressor Turret (tactical) – Makeshift turret based on your active weapon
  • Auto Loader (ultimate) – Deploys ammo box which feeds ammo directly to nearby allies’ weapons


  • Double Jump (passive) – Can do a double jump
  • Hook Shot (tactical) – Hook to the wall and hang off it
  • Void grenade (ultimate) – Grenade that sends target into the void for a short period of time


  • Rewire (passive) – Can turn any grenade into a proximity mine and spawns with a frag
  • Specter Drop (tactical) – Drop pod with 3 Specters on guard position
  • Cloak field (ultimate) – Short living field that cloaks players inside and the cloak disappears 6 seconds after leaving the area


  • Network Communion (passive) – Gain 25% of recovery effects in signal range
  • Shield Satellite (tactical) – Release a satellite that follows allies and regenerates their shields and revives
  • Immortality Relay Beacon (ultimate) – Deploys satellite beacon that prevents allies from being downed in its range


  • Sniper Kit (passive) – Can get tactical information in ADS zoomed, unarmed, or long-range scopes
  • Echo Launch (tactical) – Drone with movement controls
  • Mark to Kill (ultimate) – Custom rifle with a scanner and damage boost for allies


  • Reinforce (passive) – Increase damage while standing near placeable structures, doors, and Ferrofluid structures
  • Ferro Shot (tactical) – Spawns a ramp of Ferrofluid on impact
  • Iron Tower (ult) – Spawns a tower of Ferrofluid under you


  • Retrieve the Wounded (passive) – Drag downed teammates while they being revived and protect them with revive shield
  • Mobile Shield (tactical) – Throw a controllable drone that creates a moving energy shield
  • Castle Wall (ultimate) – Leap and slam to a target, ally, or area to create a fortified stronghold

Out of all the leaked Legends, Newcastle seems to be the next one to be announced as the character model looks quite ready.

Apex Legends new maps, weapons, and more

Besides these Legends, the Apex Legends leak has revealed two new Arena maps, one battle royale map, two new guns, and new emotes. Respawn hasn’t commented on the recent leak yet, but the leaked images, videos, and text files seem pretty legit. The developer is expected to share more details about upcoming characters, maps, and weapons as Apex Legends’ current season, Defiance, comes closer to its conclusion in two months.