Awesome gaming mice available on Croma for less than Rs 1,000

Looking for a good, yet affordable gaming mouse on Croma? This list is definitely something you need to check out.

Gaming, especially PC gaming, has earned a reputation for being an expensive hobby. However, that needn’t be the case. Gamers looking for affordable peripherals can find great deals provided they look for them. In this list, we will try and make your search easier. Here is a look at some gaming mice that are available for less than Rs 1,000 on Croma.

Things to consider when buying a budget gaming mouse

RGB or not: While RGB lighting is usually a staple when it comes to gaming peripherals, you don’t really need it. That being said, a lot of budget mice do offer RGB lighting.

DPI: DPI stands for Dots Per Inch and basically, gives you an idea of how sensitive the mouse is. Higher numbers indicate higher sensitivity. Some mice give users the option to change DPI on the fly.

Ergonomics: You will be holding on to your mouse for a very long time. Which is why it is very important to ensure that you get a comfortable grip. Most gaming mice offer contoured grips that are designed to curve around your hand. Do note that there are mice designed for right, left and ambidextrous users.

Wired or wireless: One big benefit that wireless mice offer over wired mice is that they won’t get tangled up during intense gameplay sessions. However, do note that wired mice are cheaper than wireless mice.

Awesome gaming mice for under Rs 1,000 on Croma

Lenovo Legion RGB Gaming Mouse

Feature rich

The Lenovo Legion RGB gaming mouse offers premium looks thanks to the 7-colour RGB lighting. It also allows for adjustable 4-level DPI settings, which means that users can quickly change sensitivity as they switch between different genres of games.

Redgear Gaming Mouse with RGB

Feature rich

This particular gaming mouse from Redgear offers pretty impressive value. It has a maximum resolution of 4800 DPI, which makes it great for FPS games. It also offers RGB lighting that can replicate 16.8 million colours.

Acer Nitro Wired Optical Gaming Mouse

Value for money

The Acer Nitro Wired Optical Gaming features a very aggressive red and black colour scheme. It also offers an impressive resolution of 4000 DPI. It features eight programmable buttons and is also tested to endure up to 5 million clicks during its lifetime.

Croma Gaming Mouse with RGB

Value for money

This mouse from Croma may look incredibly subtle, but it does offer RGB lighting. Other features include adjustable DPI that ranged from 3200, 2000, and 1000. So you can tweak it based on what game you are playing. It also offers a six-button layout for greater flex and versatility.

Redgear A-10 Wired Optical Gaming Mouse

Budget option

The Redgear is known for making affordable gaming accessories and its A-10 gaming mouse follows the same trend. It offers a max resolution of 2400 DPI. It offers extra durable switches, which is definitely something you would need as a gamer.

HP M270 Wired Gaming Mouse

Value for money

The HP M270 is a wired gaming mouse that offers a high resolution of 3200 DPI, which should be more than enough for FPS games. It should also be noted that the buttons on the mouse can be pressed up to 3 million times. So you can game away and the mouse will keep up with you.

Zebronics USB Optical Mouse

Value for money

This Zebronics USB Optical mouse is quite eye-catching thanks to the multi-clour LEDs embedded in the mouse. However, a key feature of the mouse is the fact that it features a braided cable. This protects not only protects the cable from wear and tear but also helps reduce tangles.

ONIKUMA CW902 Wired Optical Gaming Mouse

Value for money

The Onikuma CW902 is not exactly a subtle mouse. It features 7-colour RGB lighting to make it eye-catching. It also features holes in the palm rest. This is not just for style. The holes allow the hand to remain cool, which in turn ensures there is minimal sweat buildup.