Minecraft potions: Best Minecraft potions you need to try, how to make them, and more

Minecraft potions are necessary in higher-level content. Here's how you can brew potions in Minecraft.

Minecraft potions are absolutely essential in endgame content and for beating bosses like the Wither or Ender Dragon. However, brewing potions in Minecraft can seem like a complicated task at first. You need quite a bit of equipment and various materials to brew different types of Minecraft potions. But, the process of brewing potions is definitely worth the effort considering the benefits of healing, improved damage, fire resistance, and more. Here’s all you need to know about brewing potions in Minecraft along with a list of the best Minecraft potions that will help in taking down bosses.

What are Minecraft potions?

Minecraft potions are special items that help you heal, gain speed, increase damage, and go invisible. Each potion offers a different effect and needs a specific set of ingredients. In higher-level content, having potions that can instantly heal you or provide fire resistance can help you clutch a boss fight. Potions require ingredients that are generally found in the Nether as well as other locations in the Minecraft world. Once you have gathered the necessary resources, you can craft various potions using the brewing stand.

Here are some of the best Minecraft potions that you can brew:

Best Minecraft potions

Potion of Healing

  • Ingredients: Glistering Melon + Awkward Potion
  • Effect: Restoring health

Potion of Night Vision

  • Ingredients: Golden Carrot + Awkward Potion
  • Effect: Ability to see in darkness

Potion of Fire Resistance

  • Ingredients: Magma Cream + Awkward Potion
  • Effect: Immune to damage from fire and lava

Potion of Strength

  • Ingredients: Blaze Powder + Awkward Potion
  • Effect: Increases melee damage

Potion of Poison

  • Ingredients: Spider Eye + Awkward Potion
  • Effect: Deals poison damage over time

Potion of Swiftness

  • Ingredients: Sugar + Awkward Potion
  • Effect: Improves speed

Potion of Night Vision

  • Ingredients: Golden Carrot + Awkward Potion
  • Effect: Ability to see in darkness

Potion of Water Breathing

  • Ingredients: Pufferfish + Awkward Potion
  • Effect: Ability to breath underwater

Potion of Night Vision

  • Ingredients: Golden Carrot + Awkward Potion
  • Effect: Ability to see in darkness

Potion of Slow Falling

  • Ingredients: Phantom Membrane + Awkward Potion
  • Effect: Immunity to fall damage

Potion of Leaping

  • Ingredients: Rabbit’s foot + Awkward Potion
  • Effect: Increases jump height and reduce fall damage

How to make Minecraft potions

Brewing Minecraft potions can seem like a daunting task in the beginning. But, once you know all the basics, it becomes quite easy. To begin the process of making potions, you will need the following equipment:

  • Glass bottle – Can be used to create a water bottle and store potions
  • Water bottle – Essential for all potions as a starting base and can be created by filling a glass bottle using a cauldron or via a water source
  • Cauldron – Stores one bucket of water or 3 bottles of a potion
  • Blaze powder – Fuel required for brewing
  • Brewing stand – Combine ingredients to make potions

Which ingredients do you need for Minecraft potions?

For brewing potions, you need to add and combine certain ingredients. These ingredients apply modifiers and effects to your potions. Here’s a breakdown of all the ingredients required for making Minecraft potions:

Base ingredient

The base ingredient is the first ingredient added to a water bottle to determine the type of potion you are making. If you add the base ingredient at the end of the process, it can give a modifier effect to enhance certain potions.


Type of potion


Nether Wart

Awkward potion

Enables creation of complex potions

Glowstone Dust

Thick potion

Improves potion potency

Redstone Dust

Mundane potion

Increases potion duration


Splash potion

Explosion on impact

Fermented Spider Eye

Potion of Weakness

Corrupts potions and reverses the effect

Dragon’s Breath

Lingering potion

Explosion on impact, followed by damaging cloud

Secondary ingredient

The secondary ingredient adds an effect to your potion that offers special abilities to players.



Rabbit’s foot





Underwater breathing

Glistering melon


Blaze powder


Golden Carrot

Night vision

Magma cream

Fire resistance

Ghast tear


Phantom membranes

Slow falling

Turtle shell

Underwater breathing

Fermented spider eye


Elemental ingredients

Minecraft Bedrock edition and Education edition let you use elemental ingredients in potions to cure the effects of weakness, nausea, blindness, and poison.

Elemental ingredient

Effect removed









How to build a Minecraft brewing stand

To build a brewing stand in Minecraft, you need a Blaze Rod and 3 Cobblestone. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can build a brewing stand in Minecraft:

  • Interact with the crafting table
  • Add the Blaze Rod at the centre of the grid, and 3 Cobblestone at the bottom row
  • A brewing stand will appear on the right side that can be added to your inventory

    How to use Minecraft brewing stand

    • Fill glass bottles with water using a water source or a cauldron
    • Place 1 to 3 water bottles in the bottom three slots
    • Add base ingredient to the top slot
    • Add Blaze Powder in the left slot to begin the brewing process
    • Fill the bottom slot with the base potion
    • Add secondary ingredient in the top slot to brew the potion

    For example, you can add Nether Wart in the top slot and water bottles in the bottom to create an Awkward Potion. Then, add Awkward potion in the bottom slots and Magma Cream in the top slot to make Potion of Fire Resistance. It should be noted that each new ingredient will need 20 seconds of brewing to be ready. You will need a lot of Blaze Powder to keep the brewing stand fuelled as it can run 20 times only.

    That’s everything you need to know about Minecraft potions.