Trends in laptop brand ownership in 2024: 91mobiles survey

With numerous laptop brands operating in the market, all of them strive to offer compelling devices to their customers. Being a necessity in this day and age for various age groups, it becomes interesting to keep a watch on the laptop market and its ongoing trends. In our yearly Laptop Buyer Insights Survey, we asked over 3,000 respondents about the laptop they currently own and their choice of brand when upgrading to a new one. With the final data in our hands, here are some insights from the survey.

HP and Dell currently rule the market

91mobiles Laptop Buyer Insights Survey 2024

  • HP and Dell currently reign the laptop market, boasting 29.8 percent and 25.2 percent ownership among the survey takers, respectively. Lenovo trails closely with 16.6 percent of people owning the brand’s laptops.
  • Acer, ASUS, and Apple account for 6 percent, 5.9 percent, and 3.9 percent of laptop ownership respectively, per the data provided by the survey respondents
  • Well-known brands like Infinix, Samsung, Zebronics, and Xiaomi, among others also carry a decent level of userbase.

Dell, Lenovo and Apple among others saw an increase in laptop ownership

91mobiles Laptop Buyer Insights Survey 2024

  • Dell is likely to see a rise in ownership share by 2.1 percent, per the 91mobiles survey. Similarly, Lenovo may also grow in terms of userbase by 1.9 percent.
  • The reason behind the growth could be attributed to multiple laptop launches, such as the Dell Alienware m18, Lenovo Yoga Pro 7i, and more, as well as a high level of marketing through both online and offline channels.
91mobiles Laptop Buyer Insights Survey 2024
  • Apple, Acer, and Infinix could also marginally grow ownership by 1.2 percent, 0.5 percent, and 0.2 percent respectively. This infers that people are showing more interest towards MacBooks for their sleek design and powerful performance, while Acer and Infinix impress with their value-for-money laptops.

HP and ASUS saw a decline in laptop ownership

91mobiles Laptop Buyer Insights Survey 2024

  • Despite being dominant players, both HP and ASUS witnessed a decline in new users, as indicated by the survey data in which HP lost 3.4 percent of users while ASUS lost 2.9 percent of ownership share in the past year.
  • Xiaomi and Realme entered the laptop market with performance-oriented and well-designed laptops at aggressive pricing a few years back. However, with no new laptop launches in a long time, it has severely impacted both brands’ growth.
91mobiles Laptop Buyer Insights Survey 2024
  • The Taiwanese laptop maker, MSI known for making high-performing gaming laptops also saw a drop in ownership share over the past year. AVITA, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to have a future in India.

HP is the most preferred laptop brand among users

91mobiles Laptop Buyer Insights Survey 2024

  • While HP has seen a decline in terms of users among the survey respondents, surprisingly it’s the most sought-after laptop brand with Dell being right behind it.
  • About 12.4 percent of participants wish to buy a Lenovo laptop next followed by ASUS, Acer, and Apple.
91mobiles Laptop Buyer Insights Survey 2024
  • Speaking of which, while a good amount of users prefer Lenovo, the survey numbers indicate that it may lose the most ownership share while ASUS will gain the most.

Apple holds the highest brand loyalty

91mobiles Laptop Buyer Insights Survey 2024

  • When asked about the choice of laptop brand for their next purchase, 68.8 percent of MacBook users claimed they would like to stick with Apple, which indicates the Cupertino giant has the highest brand loyalty among the survey takers.
  • Unsurprisingly, 62.5 percent and 58.9 percent of HP and Dell users said they are willing to purchase a new laptop from the same brand. This could be because both brands are highly popular in the market and have built trust with their customers over the years.
  • Lastly, ASUS, Acer, Samsung, Lenovo, and Infinix also enjoy a good level of brand loyalty to a certain extent.

Lenovo and Infinix may see a significant shift in brand loyalty

91mobiles Laptop Buyer Insights Survey 2024

  • When comparing the current data with last year’s survey, it’s possible that Lenovo could see a growth of 8 percent in terms of brand loyalty.
  • Similarly, HP and Dell are also touted to grow in brand loyalty by 1.4 percent and 0.3 percent respectively, as people are willing to stick with those brands for their next laptop purchase.
  • Meanwhile, Infinix may witness a dip in new laptop buyers as only 40 percent of survey takers are interested in making a re-purchase from the brand.
  • ASUS, Apple, and Acer could also see a decline in new customers as respondents are likely to shift to a new brand the next time they get a new laptop.