[Exclusive] This Is Rohan, Google’s Pixel Watch

As a device that’s been literally years in the making — and widely anticipated for even longer — Google’s first own brand wearOS device, a.k.a. the Pixel Watch, is most certainly the unicorn of the wearable space. Codenamed Rohan — and first shown off in unofficial imagery by FrontPageTech — the round-faced, digital-crown-equipped watch is finally starting to break cover, with a reveal (if not full-on release) expected in the near future.

The above render matches up quite well with prior shots: it’s got the same design, of course, along with identical heart rate iconography. There’s even an icon highlighting the Fitbit integration, showcasing how Google plans to leverage its subsidiary’s deep experience in fitness tracking.

With reports coming in that Google has updated its online store to prepare for the watch’s rollout, and partners clearly preparing their own material in anticipation of same — see featured image, top — developments are poised to move very quickly in the days and weeks ahead.