8 factors to keep in mind before buying a smartphone

Are you planning on getting a new phone? Well, before you take the plunge, we suggest you consider a few key things – like your budget, understanding the importance of a good chipset, powerful battery, and camera, and why to opt for a reliable brand – to make sure you are buying the right smartphone for yourself.

To help you understand better, we explore these key factors to guide you in making an informed choice. Note that whether you are a tech enthusiast or just need a phone for everyday use, these tips will help you choose wisely.

Expected budget of your smartphone

  • BUDGET is a crucial aspect to consider before selecting a new smartphone due to several reasons.
  • Understanding one’s budget helps narrow down the options and prevents overspending.
  • In short, when you know your budget, you can focus on finding a phone that ticks off all the boxes you care about without breaking the bank.

Choose the right processor

A PROCESSOR is like the brain of your device, controlling how fast it runs or how smoothly it handles different tasks. A good processor means your phone will handle everything from web browsing to gaming with ease, even when you’re juggling multiple apps at once. It also plays a big role in how long your battery lasts and how hot your phone gets during heavy use, not to mention those annoying slowdowns or glitches.
  • When you’re picking out a new phone, keep an eye on factors like core count, power usage, RAM compatibility, and benchmark scores. These details help us choose devices that fit our needs and preferences.
  • For example, more processor cores mean better multitasking and speed, while higher RAM support ensures smoother performance, letting us switch between apps seamlessly.
  • And don’t forget about benchmarking scores – they give us a clear idea of how a phone’s processor stacks up against the competition.

Don’t want ‘storage full’ pop-ups?

If you’re into taking lots of photos and videos, downloading apps, or saving music and movies then having enough STORAGE space is a must to keep everything organised. When it comes to selecting a new device, you’ll find options for both RAM and storage. RAM can go up to 32GB, while internal storage can reach up to 2TB, depending upon the device.
  • The choice between RAM and storage depends on factors like your usage patterns, preferences, budget, and specific app requirements.
  • For instance, if you’re someone who multitasks frequently or uses memory-intensive apps, higher RAM configurations would be more beneficial.
  • On the other hand, if you have a large media collection or work with large files, prioritising higher storage capacities makes sense.
  • Also, note that lower-budget smartphones might offer limited storage options, while higher-budget devices come with higher storage capacities and advanced storage technologies.

Stay powered up with longer battery

When it comes to batteries, size does matter. A bigger BATTERY usually indicates more juice to keep your phone going strong. It simply means you can go about your day without constantly stressing about finding an outlet to plug in and recharge.

These days, aiming for a battery with at least 5,000mAh can be a good idea if you don’t want to carry a power bank all the time.

But here’s the thing: it’s not just about how big the battery is. Fast-charging technology has changed the game.
  • Whether you’re using a basic 15W charger or one of those ultra-fast 200W chargers, just remember: fast charging is all about getting your phone ready to go quickly, so you can get back to doing what you enjoy without any delays.
  • So, while shopping for a new phone, keep an eye out for both a decent-sized battery and fast charging capabilities. That way, you’ll be able to use your phone all day long.
  • That being said, even fast charging speeds up to 50W do the job, depending upon your preferences.

Capture moments with a good camera

  • A good CAMERA lets you capture special moments like birthdays or vacations in clear, high-quality photos and videos.
  • Whether it’s video calls with loved ones or virtual meetings for work, a good camera ensures clear and sharp video quality.
  • When considering a quality camera phone, it’s important to ensure it features a bright aperture, a sufficient number of megapixels, optical image stabilisation, HDR capability, various lenses, zoom options, and other relevant features.

Security should be one of your priority

SECURITY is an important factor to consider when choosing a new phone because it helps protect your personal information and data from unauthorised access. A secure phone ensures that your sensitive information, such as passwords, photos, and financial details, remains safe from hackers and malware.
  • Security features like fingerprint sensors, facial recognition, and encrypted storage provide an extra layer of protection for your device and your data.
  • Given that smartphones often store personal and sensitive information, opting for a device with enhanced security features is highly recommended.

Software updates for enhanced features, security

Software support determines how long your device will continue to receive important updates and security patches from the manufacturer.
  • Recently, Samsung has made a significant commitment by promising at least seven generations of Android updates and seven years of security patches for their Galaxy S24 smartphones.
  • This means that your phone will remain up-to-date and secure for an extended period, ensuring a smooth and reliable user experience throughout its lifespan.
  • However, longer the time you use a phone, the more obsolete the hardware becomes. So a balance is necessary.

Better after-sales service for easy assistance, repairs

Considering the reputation and reliability of a brand’s after-sales service can be crucial in making an informed decision about which phone to buy. It ensures you receive support and assistance after you have made your purchase, which includes things like repairs, replacements, and technical assistance for your device.

Good after-sales service can ultimately enhance your overall experience with the phone. On the other hand, poor after-sales service can lead to frustration and inconvenience if you encounter problems with your device and are unable to get timely help.