Gaming channel names: 100+ Best and unique gaming channel name ideas for YouTube

If you want to create a cool gaming channel name, check out our list of over 100 gaming channel names for YouTube.

Gaming content is all the rage right now on YouTube. Gaming content creators like videogamedunkey, Ninja, VanossGaming, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, and others enjoy  millions of subscribers on the video streaming platform. Their journey towards YouTube fame began with a unique channel name that helped them stand out and create their own brand. So, if you are creating your own gaming channel on YouTube, you might want to consider creating a unique name. To help you with that, we have curated a list of 100+ best gaming channel names for YouTube, along with an easy step-by-step guide on how to generate names and tips to create a unique gaming name for your YouTube channel.

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100+ best gaming channel names for YouTube

8-Bit Games

Gaming Fanatics

Addicted to Gaming

Gaming Guru

All Things Gaming

Gaming Hub

Anime Gaming

Gaming Prodigy


Gaming Treasure Trove

Best of Gaming

Gaming Trivia

Buffering The Game

Gaming Vloggers

Captain Sparklez

Gaming with A Smile

Casual Gamers Club

Gaming With Friends

Challenges Unmet

Gaming with Me

Cheap Thrills Gamer

Gaming World

Classic Gaming Channel

Geeky Gamer

Clueless Gamer

Global Gamerz

Cool Gamers

Happy Gaming!

Critical Damage

Hardcore Gamers Only! (HGO)


King of Games

Design Gaming

Legends of Gaming

Easy Peasy Gamer

Let’s Play Games

Eighty-Eight Games

Level up Gaming

Epic Gamers

Mind of The Gamer

Falcon Gaming

Mind-Blowing Games

Feed Gaming

Moments Of Gaming

Fortnite Lover

Mouse Spy Gaming

Funny Girl Gamer

My Way to Game

Game Cults

Nerd Gaming Community

Game Guru

New Gaming

Game Now

Odd Squad

Game On Dude

On the Game

Game Slayer

Performance Pro Gamer

Game Tube

Play Games Today

Game Zone

Play Nation

Gamer Geek

Play, Drop, and Roll

Gamer Girl

Playing Board Games

Gamer Life

Pro Gamer

Gamer Love

Raise Your Shield!

Gamer Rants

Retro Gaming TV

Gamer’s Delight

Six Degrees of Gaming


Smart Gaming

Gamers Delight

Sport Tube Gaming

Gamers Guild

Tech Gaming

Gamers Life

The Funny Gamer

Gamers Partner

The Gamer Dude

Gamers Survival Guide

The Gamer Squad

Games and More

The Gamer’s Choice

Games And More Games!

The Gamer’s Den


The Gaming Chick

Gamesville Baby

The Gaming Consultant


The Gaming Family

Gaming All the Time

Tons of Games

Gaming and You

Totally Legit Gaming

Gaming Binges

Video Game Addicts

Gaming Buzz

Videogames and You

Gaming Corner

Well Played!

Major Gamer


Lit GamingRaven Gaming
Evo GamingStardust Gaming

How to generate your own YouTube gaming channel name online

You can generate your own gaming channel name online using websites like Business Name Generator. Check out how you can create your own gaming channel name for YouTube:

  • Open Business Name Generator on your web browser by clicking here
  • Enter gaming channel name you want generate in the search box
  • Uncheck ‘Check domain availability with GoDaddy,’ and hit Generate
  • The website will show multiple YouTube channel name suggestions
  • You can click on the Generate button again to get more suggestions

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Tips to create best gaming channel name for YouTube

Selecting a great gaming channel name can be complex task. You need to pick a name that suits your content and make sure its catchy. Here are some tips to help you create a gaming channel name:

  • Make sure your name is relatable to your content. For instance, if you are planning to make videos about Halo Infinite, you can add Halo somewhere in your channel name.
  • Your gaming channel name should be catchy and easy to spell. This will allow viewers to easily search your channel on YouTube.
  • Ensure that your channel name is unique and no other channel or business is using it.
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How to change your channel name on YouTube

If you have already added a channel name, you can change it using YouTube Studio. Here’s an easy step-by-step guide to change your YouTube channel name:

  • Log in to YouTube Studio by clicking here
Gaming channel names
  • Scroll down in the menu on the left and select Customization
  • Click on the Basic info tab and tap on the edit icon besides your channel name
    • Copy a gaming channel name from the list mentioned above and paste it in the text box
    • Hit Publish to save your new gaming channel name