YouTube hashtags: Popular hashtags for YouTube videos, shorts, channels, and more

Hashtags, whether for YouTube or any other social media platforms, are a popular way to make content discoverable to more users. They help creators connect their content, including text, images, and videos, with similarly tagged content and searches on the web. That said, it’s very important to use the right hashtags if you want your content to rank under a specific subject or theme. In this guide, we will guide you through YouTube hashtags, including what they are and how you can use them to the fullest to maximise your video/ channel reach.

What are YouTube hashtags?

Hashtags are basically keywords that you add to your video’s titles or descriptions. Creators can tag their videos with appropriate hashtags to help YouTube understand the video’s contents and rank them accordingly and make them easily discoverable by users. Hashtags start with a hash symbol “#”. If you tag your videos with, let’s say, #catvideos, your video will be connected with other content that is using a similar hashtag.

As soon as the user clicks on a particular hashtag they are taken to a dedicated page that contains only the videos that are using a similar hashtag. This makes it particularly useful for creatures to reach the right audience. You can add several hashtags to your videos but we recommend content creators not clutter the video titles and confuse the algorithms. You can refer to the youtube policy around hashtags here.

Popular YouTube hashtags

Currently, these are the most popular hashtags trending on YouTube: 

#youtube #youtuber #instagram #music #love #follow #tiktok #spotify #like #youtubechannel #explorepage #youtubers #video #gaming #twitch #instagood #memes #hiphop #subscribe #viral #gamer #facebook #rap #explore #ps #art #soundcloud #k #artist #meme #live #video #hiphop #likes

If the topic matches your video, you can use them to increase your chances of getting more views. You can also use the following hashtags for your YouTube videos, shorts, and channels:

For gaming videos

  1. #gamers
  2. #games
  3. #live
  4. #gaming
  5. #amongus
  6. #gameplay
  7. #gametv
  8. #youtubegamer
  9. #livegaming
  10. #gamereview
  11. #gamecommentary
  12. #livestream
  13. #youtubegaming 
  14. #gamer 
  15. #ps 
  16. #twitch 
  17. #gamingcommunity 
  18. #youtubegamingchannel
  19. #xbox 
  20. #playstation
  21. #playfortnite 
  22. #videogames
  23. #pcgaming
  24. #youtubegamers 
  25. #twitchstreamer
  26. #gameplay
  27. #streamer
  28. #minecraft 
  29. #pubg

For food vlogs

  1. #tastyrecipes
  2. #cook
  3. #chef
  4. #homemade
  5. #foodie
  6. #foodlover
  7. #recipes
  8. #diet
  9. #healthylifestyle
  10. #fastfood
  11. #homemadecooking
  12. #homemadewithlove

For Fashion/ Beauty videos

  1. #beautyskin
  2. #beautyhacks
  3. #skincarereview
  4. #modelslife
  5. #indianmodels
  6. #beautytip
  7. #beautyconsultant
  8. #beautyface
  9. #skincareroutines
  10. #beautyobsessed
  11. #beautystudio
  12. #makeupvideos
  13. #makeuprevolution
  14. #naturalbeauty
  15. #beautystudio
  16. #makeuprevolution
  17. #skincareroutines
  18. #urbandecay
  19. #makeuptutorial

For tech videos

  1. #tech
  2. #techreview
  3. #technews
  4. #smartphone
  5. #techtips
  6. #techyoutuber
  7. #mobile
  8. #techie

For educational videos

  1. #teaching
  2. #learning
  3. #facts
  4. #support
  5. #goals
  6. #like
  7. #nonprofit
  8. #career
  9. #educationmatters
  10. #technology

For fun/ entertainment videos

  1. #fun
  2. #live
  3. #funny
  4. #comedy
  5. #lol
  6. #fun
  7. #meme
  8. #trending
  9. #memes

How to find hashtags for YouTube

Finding the appropriate hashtags for YouTube videos, shorts, channels, and more can feel like a challenging task, especially if you are just starting to use them. That’s why we have listed down some of the tools that make it easy to identify what tags to use in your YouTube videos. Keep in mind you can always create your own hashtags, depending on the content you’re creating.

YouTube trending feed

YouTube has a trending feed that will show you trending videos across the genres such as gaming, music, movies, shows, shorts, and more. The page suggests videos that are trending domestically. You can use this to get an idea of what’s currently trending in the country.

YouTube global trending feed

If you want to target a global audience, you can use YouTube’s global video trending feed to know the world trends and tag your videos accordingly. It too features a variety of topics including music videos, trailers, comedy clips and others. 

Google Trends

You can use Google’s own trend analyzer website: Google Trends, to know the trending topics. You can search by what’s popular in a specific country or the whole globe. Apart from letting you search what’s currently popular on YouTube, you can also use it to know the current Google Search trends. You can use this to get a comprehensive idea of the current trends.

Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool is another popular website you can use to search for trending hashtags to use in your YouTube videos. Just enter a relevant topic keyword in the search bar and it’ll suggest relevant hashtags, as simple as that. is a great tool that will help you easily get hashtags for your videos. It features a simple to use UI and dozens of popular hashtags at any given time. You can search not only YouTube trends but also get trending hashtags for Instagram as well. The website constantly updates the trending hashtags as they get popular.


TubeRanker is another website that not only features a minimalistic design but also has a host of features to help rank your YouTube videos higher in search results. It features several features apart from generating or finding relevant hashtags to your videos. It features a channel auditor to get an idea of your channel’s performance, a keyword tool, a rank tracker to track the SEO performance of your video, a title generator, and more. This is a versatile tool that we think should be in your arsenal if you are a YouTube creator. 

How to add hashtags to YouTube videos

There are three places you can add hashtags to your YouTube videos using YouTube Studio. 

On top of video titles

You can add hashtags just above your video’s titles. To add a hashtag, enter the # symbol and start typing the keyword you want to add to your video. To make it easy to find popular tags to use on your videos, YouTube will also suggest the relevant popular hashtags as you type. You can either use the tags suggested by YouTube or you can add your own custom tags that you think are relevant to your video.

In video titles

Hashtags can be a part of your video’s titles. It is easy to add hashtags to the titles. Just enter the hashtags either at the start or end of the title. For example, you can make a title such as #catvideos Funny cat video compilation #cutecats #funnycats. But as mentioned earlier, don’t go overboard with hashtags, as they can clutter the video tiles and confuse the algorithms.

In the description box

You can use Youtube’s video description box to add hashtags. Just enter the video description and start adding the hashtags alongside it, that’s it.

The right way to use YouTube hashtags

As discussed above hashtags act as important metadata to your YouTube videos. Below are some of the things to keep in mind before you start using hashtags in your Youtube videos. 

Only use relevant tags

Hashtags are primarily used to categorise your videos into relevant topics, so interested users can easily find them by searching for a topic of their interest. The right hashtags will also help Google index your videos better and rank them higher on the web, as well as on YouTube. 

YouTube content creators must also tag their videos with appropriate and relevant tags, so as to not violate their policies. Using irrelevant hashtags might also result in the removal of your videos. So, only use relevant, appropriate tags that match the topics in your videos.

Don’t go overboard with hashtags

We recommend you only use two to three tags for each of your YouTube videos. Adding too many hashtags in your videos might confuse the YouTube algorithms and possibly de-rank them in search results. You should add tags that are closely related to the topics in the video. Keep in mind to also follow the YouTube community guidelines while using the hashtags feature.

Use trending hashtags

YouTube suggests popular tags as you enter the hashtag keywords. You should always try to use hashtags that are trending or popular to ensure you get as many views as possible.

Don’t use spaces in hashtags

Your hashtags should not contain spaces. You should avoid hashtags like #pop music and instead use #popmusic. 


If you are after increasing your viewership, your first priority should be on creating a good engaging video. Your videos should meet the expectations of your audience. Thumbnails, Titles, hashtags and descriptions do matter, they help bring in the clicks and attention. But that’s all there is to it, if the content is not good or not what the user expected, they’ll leave, and you wouldn’t want that to happen, right? So, focus on creating a good video and everything else will follow. And don’t forget to use the right combination of thumbnails, titles and hashtags in your videos, they are still important.