Google Pixel Watch 2 not charging properly for some users

  • Pixel Watch 2 isn’t charging properly for some users.
  • It isn’t clear if the watch or the charger is defective.
  • Google is aware that there is an issue with the Pixel Watch 2.

Google launched the Pixel Watch 2 along with the Pixel 8 series last month. It’s also the first Pixel Watch to launch in India. But it looks like there are charging issues with the Pixel Watch 2 according to several complaints by users. Google is also, reportedly aware of the issue, and is working on a fix. 

Google Pixel Watch 2 charging issues

  • According to a very lengthy but helpful post on Reddit, a Pixel Watch 2 user explained their entire ordeal with the device not charging at all. The smartwatch couldn’t be set up since it wouldn’t charge at all. So it was either the charger or the watch that was defective.
  • The user even reached out to Google support, and they acknowledged saying that it is an “ongoing issue” with the Pixel Watch 2.
  • After multiple tries, the user finally got a new charger for the Pixel Watch 2 and it worked perfectly fine initially but stopped eventually. Finally, the watch was replaced with a new one that worked properly.
  • Several replies in the Reddit thread show that other users are also facing the same charging issues with their Pixel Watch 2. Some even tried using different adapters but the watch still won’t charge.

The bigger issue is reaching out to Google and not getting a proper response. The OP who tried every possible measure to get it exchanged finally found a solution through a Google One support who then transferred to a Google Store executive. It’s unclear if it’s the charger that’s defective or the watch itself. In the case of the OP, it turned out to be an issue with the watch itself.

So Google is yet to reveal the exact reason behind the Pixel Watch 2 not charging properly. It does have a dedicated support page with instructions on what to do if your Pixel Watch isn’t charging properly. 

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