[Exclusive] Google Pixel Watch 2 features, promo video revealed ahead of October 4th launch

  • Google Pixel Watch 2 is debuting on October 4th.
  • This time Google is bringing its smartwatch to India as well.
  • Ahead of the launch, we have some exclusive information on the Pixel Watch 2.

Google is launching the second-generation Pixel Watch at the Pixel 8 series event on October 4th. The Google Pixel Watch 2 is also confirmed to launch in India with its price reveal date scheduled for October 5th. Google has so far revealed only the Pixel Watch 2’s design but we’ve gotten our hands on exclusive information on the smartwatch’s features. 

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Google Pixel Watch 2 features

According to exclusive information shared by Kamila Wojciechowska with 91mobiles, the Pixel Watch 2 will come with more features than its predecessor. The leaked material includes an official document detailing the Pixel Watch 2’s features, and one that shows a comparison with the Pixel Watch. There’s a promo video showcasing the Pixel Watch 2’s full design and features. 

  • New heart rate sensor: The Pixel Watch 2 will be equipped with Fitbit’s multi-path heart rate sensor that is said to offer more accurate and robust hear-rate measurement even during vigorous exercise. 
  • Health features: The Pixel Watch 2 will also use Fitbit’s stress management system that will use body-response tracking to detect stress in the user’s body. In such situations, the user will be prompted to log their current mood and given suggestions for an intervention like a guided breathing exercise or a walk.
  • Google will use body-response tracking inputs from cEDA (continuous electrodermal activity – microscopic beads of sweat) heart-rate variability, heart rate and skin temperature to help detect stress. 
  • Fitness features: There are seven common workouts that the Pixel Watch 2 can detect, and these include running, and outdoor cycling. It will also send automatic workout start and stop reminders for these workouts. Another fitness feature is Pace Training that will keep your pace in check. 
  • Safety features: Google has upgraded the safety features on the Pixel Watch 2. ‘Safety Check’ that will allow users to schedule a timer for certain situations. Once the timer is over, the watch will prompt users to confirm if they’re ok or if they’d like to start sharing their location or contact emergency services. In case of no response, it will trigger ‘Emergency Sharing’ that will share the real-time location and situation with emergency contacts.
  • Emergency Sharing can also be used separately with contacts so they can know your real-time location. This feature can also enable sharing ‘Medical Info’ with emergency services. 
  • Battery life: The Pixel Watch 2 is said to offer 24 hours of battery life with always-on display. It’s also said to get a full day’s charge in just 75 minutes. The battery life stays the same as compared to the Pixel Watch. 

Most of the Pixel Watch features will be available on the Pixel Watch 2. These include health and fitness management with Fitbit, fall detection, Emergency SOS, Heart Zone Training, and six months of free Fitbit Premium. 

Google Pixel Watch 2 design, colours

The Pixel Watch 2 comes with a redesigned back that houses three new sensors. Google has also used 100 percent aluminum for the Pixel Watch 2. It will come in four colour combinations of Polished Silver/Bay, Matte Black/Obsidian, Champagne Gold/Hazel and Polished Silver/Porcelain. Google has also added new Metal Slim and Active Sport bands for the Pixel Watch 2.

Overall, the Pixel Watch 2 looks like the first-gen with the circular bezel-less display and rotating crown on the side.