[Exclusive] Jio and Google’s 4G Android phone will not launch in December

Jio 4G Android smartphone was expected to launch in December but 91mobiles has learned that the device is still in the testing phase.

  • Jio 4G Android phone was previously expected to launch in December
  • The phone from Jio and Google is now expected to launch in Q1 2021
  • Jio 4G Android phone price in India is tipped to be around Rs 4,000

Jio and Google are expected to launch affordable 4G Android smartphones soon. There were reports back in September that the Jio Android phone would launch in December, but it seems you will have to wait longer. Sources in the industry close to the development have told 91mobiles that the Jio Google phone powered by Android will not launch in December as it is still in the testing phase and could take around three months to arrive. This means you can expect the 4G Jio Android phone to launch only in Q1 2021.

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Not only was the Jio 4G Android phone expected to launch in December, but reports in September also gave us an idea of the price as well. The Jio Android smartphone price in India is tipped to be around Rs 4,000. The sub-Rs 5,000 price point will look to attract 2G feature phone users as the telco looks to make India a “2G mukt Bharat” (free of 2G). It was also reported back then that the company is planning to make as many as 200 million Android-based smartphones over the next two years.

The upcoming Jio Android smartphone will naturally cost more than the Jio Phone 1 and Jio Phone 2, but is still expected to be one of the cheapest 4G smartphones in the Indian market as Jio looks to disrupt the smartphone space. The telco eventually plans to launch affordable 5G Android phones in the future, but there is no word yet on when that might happen as 5G is yet to roll out in India.

Not much is known about the upcoming 4G Jio Android phone in terms of specifications. What we do know is that the device will run on an optimised Android platform designed for affordable smartphones. The phone may also be powered by Qualcomm’s chipset as the latter invested USD 97 million in Reliance Jio Platforms earlier this year. We also know that the Jio Android phone will be designed and manufactured in India. We expect to learn more about the device in the months to come.