Jio Games arrives on OnePlus TV: Alpha Guns, Jungle Adventures 3, and more available

Users can now enjoy Jio Games on OnePlus TVs.

  • Jio Games announced a collaboration with OnePlus India to bring popular titles on OnePlus TV. 
  • Games like K.G.F Official Game, Alpha Guns, Jungle Adventures 3, Little Singham Treasure Hunt, and many more are available on OnePlus TV.
  • Jio Games is currently limited to selected OnePlus TV series.

OnePlus announced its collaboration with Jio on February 28th that brings Jio Games on OnePlus TV. Popular Jio Games titles from the library will now be playable on OnePlus TVs. Currently, the Jio Games will be available on select OnePlus TV models for now, but the brand has plans to bring the immersive gaming experience on more OnePlus TVs soon. Gaming is getting mainstream in India, as many folks turn towards esports tournaments and gaming live streams. OnePlus says its community is comprised of many avid gamers. Now, seeing an opportunity here, Jio Games announced a collaboration with OnePlus India.

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Jio Games on OnePlus TV

Jio Games offers gaming and services on a variety of gears like smartphones, feature phones, set-top boxes, AR/VR, Esports opportunities to users. The Jio Games Watch feature offers content creators to create and deliver all types of gaming content. The Jio Games app offers a diverse selection of games suitable from casual to hardcore gamers from major game studios to independent game creators worldwide.

 Jio Games on OnePlus Tv
The Jio Games and OnePlus collaboration brings popular titles such as K.G.F Official Game, Alpha Guns, Jungle Adventures 3, Little Singham Treasure Hunt, and many more from the curated library of JioGames to the OnePlus TVs. The feature is currently limited to OnePlus TV U1 Series, Q Series, OnePlus TV U1S (After OTA 2 update), and OnePlus TV Y1S. OnePlus has plans in the pipeline to bring an immersive gaming experience to other OnePlus TVs soon.

OnePlus India’s CEO and Head of India, Navnit Nakra, comments, “At OnePlus, our community has been at the heart of everything we do. The OnePlus community comprises many avid gamers, which has led us to spearhead several gaming-specific initiatives in the smartphone industry. In line with these efforts, we are delighted to announce a first-of-its-kind gaming-led partnership in the Indian smart TV industry by joining hands with Jio Games. This unique partnership is set to provide our OnePlus TV users access to a wonderful selection of games from JioGames’ diverse library and help them gain a truly immersive gaming experience.”