One UI 6 update removes important feature from Samsung phones: report

  • Samsung phones have this feature that helps prevent screen burn-in issues for OLED displays.
  • This feature seems to have been removed after the One UI 6 update. 
  • Samsung is yet to address the issue. 

Samsung rolled out the One UI 6 update recently, which brings the latest Android 14 to Galaxy devices. But it looks like there’s a screen burn-in issue with One UI 6 that has been raised by a Samsung user. Another One UI 6 issue that was raised was of Samsung reportedly removing the AI moon feature from the Galaxy S23 Ultra. 

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One UI 6 update causing screen burn-in issue

Samsung has this feature called ‘Pixel shifting’ that prevents screen burn-in issue for OLED displays. This feature seems to have disappeared from One UI 6 update according to one Redditor. A detailed explanation on the feature not working has been explained on the post with steps on how to check. 

Here, the Redditor compared a Galaxy S23 Ultra running One UI 6, and a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra running One UI 5. After performing the above mentioned steps, you should see the status and navigation bar overlapping, and if the status bar elements have moved their position. This means that the screen burn-in feature is still active. But in One UI 6, all elements are static suggesting that the protection isn’t turned on. 

With the feature disabled, OLED screens will be affected as they are susceptible to discolouration. Other users seem to have the same issue according to some of the replies. The Redditor said that they have reported this problem to Samsung, and is urging other users to do the same. There’s no response from Samsung yet but considering how this can actually be a major issue for users, the company is expected to fix it soon. 

One UI 6 seems to have also removed the AI moon feature from the Galaxy S23 Ultra, according to the tipster Ice Universe. This feature made it possible to take almost realistic photos of the moon with some AI and visual enhancements. But some users said that the feature is still available even after the One UI 6 update.