PS5 officially launched in India; no word on restocks just yet

  • PS5 has officially been launched in India
  • Customers who pre-ordered the console have started receiving their unit
  • Fresh PS5 stock is unlikely to arrive before April 2021

The PS5 India launch has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride full of delays, confusion, speculation, and chaotic pre-orders that ended within seconds. The PS5 release date is finally here, although one might be hard-pressed to get their hands on a unit considering that a total of 15,000 PS5 units have reportedly been allocated for the entire country. The lucky few who did manage to get a successful PS5 pre-order in India can rest easy knowing that they’ll have their hands on a console soon-ish. Reliance Digital, on the other hand, left several customers disappointed as it cancelled PS5 pre-orders in India at random. 

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Those looking for the more affordable PS5 Digital Edition (Rs 39,990) will have to wait even longer before they can get their hands on one unit. Its India launch was delayed indefinitely, presumably due to global shortages of the console. Sony is having a hard time keeping up with global PS5 demands as it is. Hence, the lower-specced PS5 Digital Edition will get a lot less priority in Sony’s already overburdened manufacturing infrastructure. 

The lingering question on everyone’s mind is when they can get their hands on a PS5 unit in India. Chances are, not anytime soon. We spoke to some local retailers who told us that they’d be receiving 4-5 PS5 units on launch day. Those units will not last very long on the shelves, given the massive hype generated around the console. Similarly, e-commerce platforms such as Flipkart and Amazon are fairly tight-lipped about fresh stocks as well. 

IGN India reached out to several Sony Centers to find out about PS5 restocks, and none of them had any idea about it. The AMD chip that powers the PS5 and Xbox Series X is made on TSMC’s 7nm process node. Sub-par yields have resulted in a severe shortage of said chips, and that is expected to persist until April 2021, according to industry analysts