Xbox Series X, Series S stock in short supply; here’s when they will be available in India next

Xbox Series X and Series S will face stock shortages until April 2021, Microsoft said.

  • A Microsoft spokesperson said that Xbox Series X shortages will continue till April 2021
  • Xbox Series S deliveries in India will start from December 25th
  • There is no word about offline availability just yet

Microsoft Xbox Series X and Series S both went on sale globally (including India) earlier this month. With sales largely taking place online and demand for gaming consoles at an all-time high, Microsoft is struggling with stock. In fact, both the consoles are out of stock in several markets, including India, already. As per a new report, Microsoft expects to face console shortages until April 2021 potentially. The information comes from Xbox’s chief financial officer Tim Stuart at an investor meeting this week. In India, the Microsoft Xbox Series X sold out within minutes of going on pre-order on platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.

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The aforementioned shortages don’t end with the Xbox Series X. It is virtually impossible to acquire a lower-specced Xbox Series S as well. While both Amazon and Flipkart have the Series S up for pre-order right now with deliveries not expected until December 25th. Meanwhile, the Series X is nowhere to be seen on these e-commerce platforms now. Other digital marketplaces have either flat out refused to list the consoles. At this point, the only way to acquire an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S in India seems to be via brick and mortar stores. Major retail chains like Croma and Reliance Digital may receive a few units eventually, but they will undoubtedly fly off the shelves as soon as they arrive. 

A cursory glance on websites like OLX reveals that there are some units out and about. However, the prices are significantly higher than the actual Xbox Series X price of Rs 49,990. The Xbox Series S price, on the other hand, hovers around the Rs 34,990 mark across some of the listings we stumbled upon. At the very least, there are Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X units out and about in the Indian market, unlike the PlayStation 5, which still does not have an official India release or pre-order dates.