16-year-old boy shoots mother after she stops him from playing PUBG

  • A teenager from Lucknow shot his mother after an argument over PUBG/BGMI game.
  • The boy had hidden the body for 3 days and used a room freshener to cover the smell. 
  • The boy was taken into custody and confessed the crime after interrogation. 

A 16-year-old boy from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, has shot dead his mother after an argument over PUBG/BGMI game. The boy took his father’s pistol from the cupboard and shot his mother. The teenager hid his mother’s dead body inside the house and used a room freshener to cover the smell. According to UP police(via), the boy shot his mother at 3 am on Sunday after she stopped him from playing PUBG/BGMI. The police have sent the boy’s electronic gadgets for analysis. The boy’s father is reportedly in the Army and posted in West Bengal.

On Sunday evening, the mother and the teenager argued about some money that went missing, and the mother accused the boy of stealing the money. The boy felt unfairly accused and unhappy that her mother stopped him from playing PUBG/BGMI. The murder was hidden for 3 days, and the boy brought food for him and his sister from outside.

The police said the mother and boy’s 10-year-old sister were asleep when the boy fired the gun at the mother. Further, the boy threatened his sister that he would kill her if she told anyone about the incident. The teenager is now in a juvenile home. During interrogation, the boy fabricated stories that an electrician murdered his mother, but after further investigation, the police found out that the boy had committed the crime.

After shooting his mother, the boy called his friend over to spend the night and said he was scared. The boy, his friend, and his sister slept in another room adjacent to the one where he had kept his mother’s body. The neighbour said the family was friendly and had a dog, usually tied with a leash. The boy had unleashed the dog to prevent anyone from entering the house.

On Tuesday, the police were informed that a woman had been killed. The boy’s relatives made the call, who were informed about the incident by the father. The 10-year-old girl is now with her father and grandparents.

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