1GB data: how long does it last, is it enough, recharge plans in India 

Mobile internet packs are not as affordable as they used to be. As a result, several users are now considering their data needs before opting for a 1GB, 1.5GB, or 2GB recharge pack. That said, deciding how much data is enough for your needs can be quite a challenge. There used to be a time when 1GB of data was enough for a majority of tasks. Either the use case of the internet was scarce or the apps and websites didn’t require that many internet resources as opposed to today. From scrolling through images on social media to watching high-definition videos and movies, internet usage is no longer the same as it used to be. Add that to the fact that people are using their phones more than ever which eventually demands more data consumption.

So the question arises, is 1GB of data really enough in this day and age of high internet usage? We try to answer just that here in this article. Below is the list of various common internet activities and their approx data consumption along with an average duration of how long 1GB data will last.

How long will 1GB data last?

The longevity of 1GB data depends on how you use the internet. Here’s a quick look at some of the most used days to day internet activities along with their data consumption and time:

Browsing through different websites

Visiting and browsing through different websites is a common internet activity these days. So supposing a person spends 1 minute on a webpage, it will take around 17 hours till 1 GB of data gets fully exhausted considering a single webpage consumes 1 MB of data to fully load and render. 

Listening to music

Spotify and YouTube Music are the two most popular music streaming apps right now. Now depending on the quality of the music that is being streamed, 1 GB of data could last for 94.8 hours to just 7.1 hours for Spotify and 23.8 hours to 8.9 for YouTube Music. This clearly shows how fast 1 GB data can be replenished by simply tweaking the quality of music.

Watching content on OTT platforms

Watching movies and shows on OTT platforms can definitely take a toll on your internet data, even more so when data quantity as small as 1 GB is concerned. When taking platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar into perspective, 1 GB of data will barely last half an hour when watching FullHD content. But if you’re okay with 480p or 720p quality, 1 hour of content is more or less achievable with 1 GB of data on all the given platforms.

Watching videos on YouTube

Watching videos on YouTube is no different as the higher the quality, the faster you’ll end of exhausting 1GB data. Here too playing FullHD videos on 1 GB internet will barely provide you 30 minutes of watch time. On the contrary, lowering the resolution allows you to watch more YouTube videos on a stretch.

Scrolling on social media

Another common activity on the internet is to scroll through social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So supposing one hour of social media consumes 120 MB, you can get around 8.5 hours of continuous usage on 1 GB of internet data.

Playing mobile games

Playing popular mobile titles such as BGMI, COD: Mobile and Genshin Impact do not consume as much data as streaming movies or listening to music. With 1 GB of data, one can play BGMI for as long as 68 hours on a trot until the data is exhausted. On the other hand, while playing the story mode in Gensin Impact, 1GB data would last for 51 hours.

Video calling on WhatsApp / FaceTime / Skype

Data consumption during video calls is moderate. A video call with a decent audio call can consume around 300 MB of data per hour. Now taking 1 GB into consideration, continuous video calls will last for about 3.4 hours.

1GB data: activity, data consumption, and time


Data consumption


Browsing through different websites

60 MB per hour (1 webpage = 1 MB)
1 MB per minute

17 hours (approx.)

Listening to music

10.8 MB per hour (24 kbps)
43.2 MB per hour (96 kbps)
72 MB per hour (160 kbps)
144 MB per hour (320 kbps

YouTube Music
43 MB per hour (48-96 kbps)
72 MB per hour (128-160 kbps)
115 MB per hour (192-320 kbps)

94.8 hours (24 kbps)
23.7 hours (96 kbps)
14.2 hours (160 kbps)
7.1 hours (320 kbps)

YouTube Music
23.8 hours (48-96 kbps)
14.2 hours (128-160 kbps)
8.9 hours (192-320 kbps)

Watching movies and series on OTT platforms

Amazon Prime
0.12 GB per hour (Data saver)
0.18 GB per hour (Good)
0.72 GB per hour (Better)
1.82 GB per hour (Best)

0.3 GB per hour (Low)
0.7 GB per hour (Medium)
1 GB per hour (Standard)
3 GB per hour (High)
7 GB per hour (Ultra-high)

Disney+ Hotstar
1 GB per hour (Standard)
2.5 GB per hour (High)

Amazon Prime
8.5 hours (Data saver)
5.6 hours (Good) 
84 minutes (Better)
30 minutes (Best)

3.4 hours (Low)
1.4 hours (Medium)
60 minutes (Standard)
18 minutes (High)
8.4 minutes (Ultra-high)

Disney+ Hotstar
60 minutes (Standard)
24 minutes (High)

Watching videos on YouTube

480-660 MB per hour / 80 MB per 10 min. (480p)
1.2-2.7 GB per hour / 200 MB per 10 min. (720p)
2.5-4.1 GB per hour / 410 MB per 10 min. (1080p)

2.1 hours (480p)
48 minutes (720p)
24 minutes (1080p)

Scrolling on social media (including videos)

120 MB per hour / 20 MB per 10 min.   

8.5 hours

Playing mobile games

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)
15-17 MB per 30-min battle royale match

Call of Duty: Mobile
35-40 MB per hour

Genshin Impact
20-30 MB per hour (Story mode)

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)
68 hours

Call of Duty: Mobile
29 hours

Genshin Impact
51 hours

Video calls on WhatsApp / Skype / FaceTime

300 MB per hour / 50 MB per 10 min

3.4 hours

Keep in mind the mentioned data consumption values are approximate and may vary from device to device and usage patterns.

Is 1GB of data enough?

It totally depends on your usage. For casual browsing, with a little bit of social media scrolling, the 1GB of data with a daily refill should be enough. However, the same cannot be said for streaming videos and movies. As you can see by the data consumption per activity in the table above, watching Full HD videos and movies can burn through 1GB of data in a matter of minutes.

Best 1GB data recharge plans in India

Following are the various recharge plans from Jio, Airtel, BSNL, and Vi that offer 1 GB of internet data per day in India.


  • Rs 149 Jio recharge planThis recharge plan comes with 1 GB data/day with a validity of 20 days. The plan also includes unlimited calling, daily 100 SMSes as well as complimentary Jio services.
  • Rs 179 Jio recharge plan – This plan comes with the same benefits as the Rs 149 plan but here the validity is bumped up to 24 days.
  • Rs 209 Jio recharge plan – The Rs 209 plan gets you 1 GB daily internet, unlimited voice calling and 100 SMS/day. It comes with a validity of 28 days along with Jio services. 
  • Data Voucher – Jio offers the cheapest 1 GB data among all the telecom players. Coming at Rs 15, this data voucher can only be recharged as long as you have an active recharge plan. Also, once the data is consumed, the internet speeds are capped at 64 Kbps.


1 GB data voucher

1 GB data voucher from Airtel costs Rs 19. Unlike Jio, you’ll be charged 50p/MB once the data is over.

  • Rs 155 Airtel recharge plan – In this plan, you get a total of 1 GB data for the whole validity period i.e. 24 days with unlimited calling and 300 SMSes.
  • Rs 209 Airtel recharge plan – The plan includes 1 GB daily internet, 100 SMS/day and unlimited voice calling all for 21 days. Furthermore, it also comes with free Amazon Prime Mobile for 30 days as well as access to Wynk Music.
  • Rs 239 Airtel recharge plan – This Airtel recharge plan bags you 1 GB data/day, unlimited calling and 100 daily SMSes for a validity of 24 days. Apart from that, the plan also includes 30 days of free Amazon Prime Mobile and Wynk Music subscriptions.
  • Data Voucher – 1 GB data voucher from Airtel costs Rs 19. Unlike Jio, you’ll be charged 50p/MB once the data is over.


  • Rs 149 Vi recharge plan – This Vi plan constitutes 1 GB data and unlimited calling for a period of 21 days.
  • Rs 155 Vi recharge plan – The plan offers 1 GB internet data and 300 SMS for 24 days including unlimited voice calling.
  • Rs 219 Vi recharge plan – This Rs 219 prepaid plan from Vi gives you daily 1 GB data and 100 SMS along with unlimited calling for a duration of 21 days. Furthermore, it also comes with Vi movies and TV subscription.
  • Rs 269 Vi recharge plan – This Vi recharge plan comes with 1 GB data/day, truly unlimited voice calls and a quota of daily 100 SMSes for a validity of 28 days. Additionally, it also gives users a subscription to Vi movies and TV app.
  • Data Voucher – Vi’s 1 GB data voucher is priced at Rs 19 and has a validity of just 24 hours upon recharging. It also gets you access to free movies and TV shows on the Vi app.


BSNL doesn’t offer any plans with exact 1 GB data. However, its plans that come with more than 1 GB of internet data are comparatively cheaper than other telecom providers.

  • Rs 59 BSNL recharge plan – The BSNL plan comes with 10 GB of data for a validity period of 10 days. A mobile streaming service called ZING is also tagged along with this plan.
  • Rs 97 BSNL recharge plan – This prepaid BSNL plan offers unlimited voice calls and daily 2 GB internet data both for a validity of 18 days. Along with that, users also get access to Lokdhun content which is a regional movie and music streaming service.
  • Rs 98 BSNL recharge plan – This Rs 98 recharge plan just like the Rs 97 plan also offers unlimited voice calls and daily 2 GB internet data but with a validity of 22 days. Furthermore, Lokdhun is replaced by an EROS Now subscription.
  • Rs 198 BSNL recharge plan – With a validity of 50 days, this BSNL recharge plan of Rs 198 comes with unlimited 2 GB data per day with no provision for unlimited voice calling.