5 takeaways from leaked GTA 6 gameplay videos

In a massive GTA 6 leak over the weekend, a hacker leaked more than 90 videos from an early GTA 6 build, which confirmed several previous reports about the gameplay and shared new information about the much-anticipated game. The GTA 6 leak has revealed some elements of the core gameplay, its main location, and characters. Some Rockstar employees have also seemingly confirmed that the information leaked is real and it is part of the game for now. Rockstar is working on adding many exciting things to GTA 6, which could have been a surprise until the official reveal. Here’s what we learned from the recent GTA 6 leak:

1. Vice City setting

The long-rumoured GTA 6 setting of Vice City is seemingly confirmed with the new leak. There are many banners that have ‘Vice City’ written on them alongside cop cars with VCPD. Besides these, GTA fans have also compared certain areas from GTA Vice City and the leaked GTA 6 screenshots, and they look quite similar. Putting all of these together, it is pretty much confirmed that GTA 6 will take place in Vice City. GTA 6 was originally supposed to feature huge parts of North and South America, but Rockstar decided to against that idea later in development.

2. Female playable protagonist

A recent GTA 6 leak had suggested that the game will have a female playable protagonist, which would be a first for the series. The newly leaked gameplay footage from the early GTA 6 build shows a female playable character robbing a restaurant. The same character can also be seen in other screenshots of the game. Previous GTA games only had male protagonists, and adding a female playable character will take the series in a welcome direction.

3. Bonny and Clyde-inspired characters

A previous GTA 6 leak had suggested that the game’s main characters will be inspired by bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde. The newly leaked clip of the female and male protagonists robbing a restaurant seems to be in line with the previous leak. The latest leak also suggests that robberies and heists will be a major part of the GTA 6 gameplay loop, which reinforces the Bonnie and Clyde dynamic between the lead characters.

4. Well-designed interiors

GTA games generally have massive open worlds in urban settings, which feature several buildings and other urban structures. However, you can only see the exterior of most buildings, except the ones included in GTA Online. The recent leak suggests that GTA 6 could feature more buildings and structures that could be explored internally. Even in the robbery clip, the interior of the restaurant is in the process to look as detailed and realistic as possible. GTA 6 could add different types of activities in buildings similar to arcades, slot machines, poker tables, minigames, and more GTA Online.

5. Typical GTA style of dialogues and voice acting

GTA is known for its peculiar dialogues and voice acting, where many characters are making fun of something. The new GTA 6 leak shows a conversation between NPCs where they are punching down on someone’s death and making fun of Finland. Such conversations were a major part of GTA 5, with NPCs saying some random stuff and making fun of the world around them. Hopefully, GTA 6 will also have radio shows similar to GTA 5, where there would be guests who speak random goofy stuff every now and then.