Battlegrounds Mobile India APK download size could be the same as PUBG Mobile

  • Battlegrounds Mobile India APK download size is expected to be around 600MB.
  • The upcoming game is seemingly nothing but a PUBG Mobile relaunch.
  • Battlegrounds Mobile India release date is yet to be finalised. 

At this point, it is quite obvious that Battlegrounds Mobile India is little more than the Indian version of PUBG Mobile. Politicians seem to be cognizant of the fact, too, as one MLA has called for a Battlegrounds Mobile India ban. Krafton has gone the extra mile and asked everyone to refrain from using PUBG Mobile while referring to Battlegrounds Mobile India. This is somewhat ironic, given that the Battlegrounds Mobile India Google Play Store listing (and the associated APK file) still mentions PUBG Mobile. It seems Battlegrounds Mobile India APK download size may also bear similarities with PUBG Mobile.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India

IGN India speculates that the Battleground Mobile India APK download size will be around 600MB, the same as that of PUBG Mobile. However, the actual game size could be a tad larger and will continue to grow once Krafron adds new content to the game. There’s no way of determining the actual file size until beta testers get their hands on a copy. Interestingly enough, Krafton doesn’t seem to be too interested in letting people beta test the game either.

A cursory glance at any internet forum will tell you that hardcore PUBG Mobile fans aren’t particularly bothered about Battleground Mobile India being a PUBG Mobile relaunch. If anything, it’s a good thing, as it will save players the trouble of re-learning gameplay mechanics. Players are mostly concerned about carrying over their existing PUBG Mobile player progress and inventory, the prospects of which seem grim, given that Tencent still holds all that data.