Battlegrounds Mobile India: Krafton does not want content creators to use ‘PUBG Mobile’ moniker

Krafton fears that using the "PUBG Mobile" in relation to Battlegrounds Mobile India could get the game banned in the country.

  • Krafton has allegedly asked content creators to avoid using the “PUBG” moniker in relation to Battlegrounds Mobile India
  • This is in fear that the game would be banned.
  • Battlegrounds Mobile India was previously called PUBG Mobile India.

PUBG Mobile was banned in India last September. However, the game was re-launched in India in November as PUBG Mobile India. After several months, Krafton decided to retitle the game to Battlegrounds Mobile India. Krafton, the game’s developer, has refrained from using the “PUBG Mobile” moniker anywhere following the rebrand so as to distance itself from the game’s controversial image in the country. Well, Krafton now seems to be advising content creators as well to avoid using “PUBG Mobile” in their content as well to avoid Battlegrounds Mobile India getting banned in the country.

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Krafton is advising content creators to avoid using the “PUBG Mobile” moniker

According to a new report from IGN India, Kraton has allegedly reached out to content creators in India through WhatsApp asking them to avoid using “PUBG Mobile” anywhere in their content in relation to Battlegrounds Mobile India.

The screenshot of an alleged WhatsApp message from Krafton reads “We are a Korean Game with an Indian version just created for India. We would also suggest not use PUBGM in your content anymore as it was banned and we don’t want it to be banned again. We would recommend using words like Battlegrounds Mobile India, Korean game, Indian version in your game.”


The screenshot of the chat was shared as an Instagram story by a popular gaming content creator that goes by Gaming Aura on YouTube. While Gaming Aura immediately removed the Instagram story, a YouTube channel named Controversy Gamer, managed to grab the screenshot of the Instagram post. However, according to IGN, even Controversy Gamer has scrubbed the reference of the screenshot from its video.

Krafton fears that Battlegrounds Mobile India could get banned

Krafton doesn’t actually need permission from the Indian government to launch Battlegrounds Mobile India in the country. However, the government might ban apps that it thinks would compromise national security. Since PUBG was already banned in India due to security concerns, Krafton doesn’t want to use the moniker once again to avoid getting noticed.