Battlegrounds Mobile India launching soon: how different will it be from PUBG Mobile global?

Here's how Battlegrounds Mobile India will be different is from the banned PUBG Mobile global version.

  • Battlegrounds Mobile India pre-registration will open on May 18th.
  • The game will have less gore, parental controls, playtime restrictions for minors, and more compared to PUBG Mobile India.
  • Battlegrounds Mobile India release date is yet to be revealed.

PUBG Mobile was banned in India back in September 2020 had left many fans in the country quite disappointed. Though there were a few alternatives like the COD Mobile, Garena Fre Fire, etc, the void was never filled. The company had put its best efforts to bring back the game by breaking off ties with Tencent and even finding a local partner to host and store the user data within the country but nothing went in its favour. However, that changed recently when Krafton has announced the Battlegrounds Mobile India launch in the country, with pre-registrations to begin on May 18th. The game is apparently a rebranded PUBG Mobile India and will come with stripped-down gore, how it handles in-app purchases, privacy, parental controls, among others. In this article, we’ll see in detail how different Battlegrounds Mobile India will be from PUBG Mobile global.

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PUBG Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India: differences, changes, and more

For starters, the PUBG Mobile name has been changed to Battlegrounds Mobile India for the Indian market and even gets a new logo to establish its very own brand entity. The company wants to move away from the PUBG Mobile linking as it wants to avoid another ban. Reports suggest that Krafton has told content creators to not use the PUBG Mobile branding when talking about Battlegrounds Mobile India. Furthermore, the game will have a special focus on players’ security, privacy, and how the company handles data.


Moving to the gameplay, unlike PUBG Mobile, Battlegrounds Mobile will have players fully clothed when they land on a map. There will be less visual bloodshed comparatively and the blood will be green instead of red. The game could be different from the global version and the maps could get new names altogether. Though a recent teaser image showed a location that is quite similar to the Sanhok map on PUBG Mobile. It doesn’t look like PUBG Mobile player IDs and achievements will be retained or they will have to start afresh. However, the game could have exclusive in-game content like events, limited edition costumes, and much more. Krafton is said to be planning for tournaments and leagues, to bolster the game’s popularity in the country.

As for parental controls in Battlegrounds Mobile India, players under 18 years will require parental consent and will have to enter the mobile number of their parents or guardians in the game to verify parental consent. The game can only be played for three hours a day for minors. Additionally, they cannot spend more than Rs 7,000 on in-app purchases in Battlegrounds Mobile India. PUBG Mobile global does not have any such restrictions.

Battlegrounds Mobile India launch date

Battlegrounds Mobile India pre-registration in India will go live on May 18th for Android. However, details regarding iOS aren’t clear at the moment. Krafton says there will be special rewards for those pre-registering starting May 18th. These rewards will be specific to Indian players only and they can claim when the game launches. As per reports, the Battlegrounds Mobile India launch will reportedly happen on June 10th.