BGMI Lite version launch in India expected soon, official poll suggests

BGMI Lite release date in India could be revealed soon as a poll has been spotted that suggests the launch of a lite version of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

  • Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite version underworks as developers on official Discord channel reveal.
  • An official poll taken on the Discord channel gives a clear indication of BGMI Lite being developed.
  • BGMI Lite will cater to lower-end devices and will be less resource-intensive.

Popular battle royale game Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) will soon launch a ‘Lite’ version of the game. This new development comes as developers have teased the BGMI Lite version in the works on BGMI’s official discord channel. Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite version was expected to arrive eventually considering PUBG Mobile also had a Lite version. Before the ban, PUBG Mobile Lite was a popular alternative for players with budget smartphones. PUBG Mobile Lite offered similar features with lower graphics to reduce the load on low-end processors. The new BGMI Lite will offer a similar experience and is expected to launch soon.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite coming soon

Battlegrounds Mobile India or BGMI is one of the most popular battle royale games in India and now a ‘Lite’ version of the game with lower graphics better suited for lower-end devices is in the making. A poll was spotted on BGMI’s official Discord channel where the developers asked, “Why do you need (want) BGMI Lite version?”, with the following options listed:

  • I can’t play BGMI on my low-end device.
  • I can play BGMI, but I’ll have better frame rates and performance in Lite version on my device.
  • I spent money on Lite version and want to transfer my data/inventory
  • I like the maps and Skins in Lite version.

While the poll doesn’t reveal much, the chances of Krafton developers working to bring out a BGMI Lite version are real, more so because of the ban that pushed the PUBG Mobile Lite out of the market. To fill the void and bring in players to comfortably play BGMI via the Lite version could be a good strategy for increasing the market share of the game. Popular eSports gamer Abhijeet “Ghatak” has even mentioned that the BGMI Lite game could launch as soon as in December.

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The BGMI Lite version is specifically developed to work on devices with lower hardware specifications. The BGMI Lite game will be less resource-intensive and is expected to set lower requirements than the main BGMI game. The BGMI Lite is likely to work with a minimum of 1GB of RAM, about 600MB of free storage, and the device working on Android 4.0.3 and later. It is unknown if the BGMI Lite game will be made available to iOS devices.