EV charging station: How to find a nearby charging station in India online

Consumers around the country are getting more and more interested in electric vehicles, whether it’s a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler. One of the reasons behind this sudden increase is the rapidly increasing prices of petrol and diesel. Electric vehicles, as you may know, run on batteries and require to be charged instead of being fueled up with either petrol or diesel. However, many Indian consumers still have their one concern, “Where do we find charging station?” Below are a few websites and apps that you can rely on to find the nearest EV charging station for your electric cars and bikes.

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How to find a nearby EV charging station in India online

India doesn’t have a massive network of EV charging stations. Still, EV manufacturers are promising to build an extensive charging station network in the future. But how do you find one if your electric scooter or car gets done in the middle of a road? Well, there are few websites and mobile applications that help you find an EV charging station nearby. So, let’s have a look at the best of them.

1. EV Plugs

EV Plugs

EV Plugs is India’s first aggregator app for EV charging stations. The app is said to have over 1000 verified charging station listings in more than 60 cities across India. EV vehicle owners can install the app from Google Play Store meanwhile the EV Plugs app is slated to launch come for iOS users soon on the App Store. First, the app asks you to select their vehicles and then shows the available charging stations on a map. It also allows users to review the charging stations and add a description with photos for the station. The app has a wide range of manufacturers, including Tata, Aether, and Jaguar, to select from, you will find every possible electric vehicle on the list. Users can also filter the results based on plug types and search charging stations from 20 km to 1000 km of their current location.

2. Statiq

statiq ev charging app

Statiq is another aggregator app showing EV charging stations in India. Users can view the charging stations from the Statiq app, and it also allows users to book a slot and pay online from the app itself. Moreover, the app enables users to set a route and view the charging stations in their route. However, Statiq has a comparably fewer number of vehicles listed, and even the EV charging station network is not vast. Users can download the Statiq app from Google Play Store.

3. Tata Motors

Tata Motors EV charging

The maker of Nexon EV, Tata Motors, also operates a charging station aggregator service showing EV charging stations for some selected vehicles. It shows charging stations from EESL, Ather, Tata Motors CCS2 chargers, Zeon, and Statiq and includes chargers from third-party companies. EV users can select their state and city to find out the charging stations in the area. However, the website doesn’t provide other services, such as booking the slot or paying online.

4. ChargeList

chargelist ev charging

ChargeList is an aggregator website for the EV charging stations in India. The website has a list of around 200 charging stations spanning around the country. Users can find the location of the charging station around them and visit the station for charging. However, the biggest con of ChargeList is its sluggish user interface, and even the map doesn’t load properly sometimes.

These were some reliable apps and websites that would help you find a nearby EV charging station in India. However, you can also install a charger inside your house, like the person from Bangalore who didn’t get permission to install an EV charging station in his apartment or maybe convince your society secretary to let you install one.

India has a relatively less number of EV charging stations as compared to other western countries. But in the last couple of months, we have seen people pivoting more towards the electric vehicle instead of a petrol or diesel one. Even electric vehicle makers are trying to adapt to the surge and have promised to expand their charging network in the coming future. In a piece of related news, Aether is adding 40 new charging stations each month and plans to reach a network of 500 charging grids by March 2022.

How much does it cost to charge your EV in India?

Unfortunately, the aforementioned apps/ websites don’t have a price list for charging your electric scooter and car at the station. That said, Mumbai’s Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC)-owned EV charging station charges approximately Rs 14 per unit to charge your electric vehicle. Meanwhile, the Delhi government has fixed the charges at Rs 4.5 per unit for low tension EVs and Rs 5 per unit for high tension EVs. Whereas in Bangalore, BESCOM charges around Rs 7.28 and Rs 8.90 per unit to charge EVs.

Usually, charging your electric vehicle in Mumbai would cost you around Rs 200 – Rs 400, depending on the vehicle. Delhi has the cheapest tariff in the country, and charging your EV in the state would only cost you Rs 120 – Rs 140. Meanwhile, to fully charge your electric vehicle in Bangalore, you would have to shell out around Rs 240.