Google Pixel users report touch screen issues, freezing, app crashes after Android 12 update

Android 12 brings a bunch of new features as well a bunch of new bugs for Pixel users.

  • Android 12 stable release was rolled out earlier this week to Pixel 3 and later users.
  • Several Pixel users are reporting touch screen issues and app crashing issues after upgrading to Android 12.
  • There is no comment from Google as of now regarding the issue.

Earlier this week, Google announced the much-awaited Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro phones. Alongside the new Pixel smartphones, Google also released the stable build of Android 12 available for Pixel 3 and later. The new iteration of Android comes with a major design overhaul thanks to the new Material You design language. Apart from the visual changes, the Android 12 brings several under the hood improvements and some new privacy and security features. However, it seems like the Android 12 has also brought some irritating bugs for the users who upgraded their Pixel smartphones to the latest version of Android.

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Several users on the Google support forum are reporting bugs related to touch screen and app crashing issues on Pixel smartphones after upgrading to Android 12. There are multiple threads of users complaining about issues where the upper part of their screen stops responding to touch. Meanwhile, some users are experiencing app crashes and freezes frequently after upgrading to the latest iteration of Android.

Android 12

“I’ve just upgraded to android 12 and immediately I noticed the upper 10-15% of the screen is touch unsensitive. Only the left upper corner where the pinhole camera is working. In safe mode all works ok; also, everything worked today before upgrading. Funny that if I open app settings, the upper part starts working again. If I leave to another app or the home screen, it’s dead again. This is a disaster since all the apps have navigation/buttons up there, and I cannot use half of the apps, not even chrome, to enter an address. Any ideas? I haven’t installed any new apps recently, and as I said, there were no issues today before updating to 12. Please help!! Jaka,” reads a community post on Google Pixel help. Meanwhile, another user posted, “Hey, after my update to android 12, some apps are crashing continuously and the battery is draining very fast.”

Like this, many Pixel users running Android 12 have been complaining about the same issue where the top part of their screen becomes unresponsive. This could be a huge problem as most apps have some important elements like a menu bar or search bar on the top. Even the notification shade panel can be accessed from up top, and due to this issue, it becomes impossible to access the notification panel. Apart from the app crashing issue, the face unlock for multiple users is not working properly, making it frustrating to unlock their Pixel smartphones. As of now, we haven’t received any word from Google or the Android team, but community experts are asking users to send feedback to Google.