Jio 5G download speed is better than Airtel 5G Plus, per OOKLA’s test report

The Speedtest results by Ookla disclosed Jio 5G network, which uses the C-band, median download speed ranging between 606.53 Mbps and 875.26 Mbps.

  • Speedtest by Ookla compared the median 5G download speeds of Jio and Airtel
  • Jio 5G achieved a median download speed ranging between 606.53 Mbps and 875.26 Mbps while using the C-band
  • Airtel 5G download speeds were between 365.48Mbps and 716.85Mbps

Jio 5G is significantly better than the Airtel 5G, based on Ookla’s SpeetTest results. As reported by IANS, the Mukesh Ambani-promoted telco reportedly offered better speeds in major Indian cities compared to its counterpart. Per the report, the average Jio 5G download speed remained between 606.53Mbps and 875.26Mbps while using the C-band, whereas Airtel 5G only managed to achieve a median download speed of 365.48 Mbps-716.85 Mbps. Ookla used Speedtest data to compare median 5G download speeds across four cities both Jio and Airtel built their networks. Let’s take a closer look at the Airtel 5G and Jio 5G median download speeds in different cities:

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Jio 5G and Airtel 5G download speed, per Ookla

CityJio 5G speed Airtel 5G speed

These were the median download speed of Airtel 5G and Jio 5G in respective cities since June 2022. As can be seen, Jio 5G has a better download speed compared to Airtel in every region except Varanasi.

“When we cross reference operators’ 5G speeds versus the frequency band they are using, we see a cautionary tale,” Ookla said. It further added that the test was conducted using the Speedtest Intelligence data which revealed that Jio’s 5G performance differs depending on the spectrum band it uses.

Jio is doing better perhaps because it acquired the most spectrum, especially in the highly demanded C-band spectrum, during a recent spectrum auction. It is also the only telco to have a spectrum band of 700MHz. This gives an upper edge to Reliance Jio over Airtel and Vi who have only acquired C-band. The 700MHz is the low-band spectrum, which provides a cut above indoor signal penetration in both urban areas and rural areas.

Thus, when Jio uses the C-band, the performance lies somewhere between 606.53 Mbps and 875.26 Mbps median download speed. On the other hand, for the 5G network optimising the comparatively lower 700 MHz frequency band, the result then lies between 78.69 Mbps and 95.13 Mbps median download speed. While for Airtel the results lie somewhere between 365.48 Mbps to 716.85 Mbps while using its C-band spectrum holding.