Jio Fiber offers up to 5,000GB additional data to annual subscribers: everything you should know

  • Jio Fiber is offering a new ‘annual data’ benefit to subscribers of its annual plans
  • The annual benefit offers the same amount of data as the base data allocation
  • This benefit is available for all annual plans, from Gold to Titanium

Jio Fiber is offering additional data to customers who have subscribed to its annual plans, with the complementary high-speed data going as high as 5,000GB. This free data is in addition to the introductory offer as well as the double data lockdown benefit the operator is offering to all customers (annual, monthly, etc). Subscribers who are hooked to the annual Jio Fiber subscription plans, whether it’s entry-level Bronze or top-tier Platinum plan, are now getting annual data benefits. Jio Fiber is offering users a minimum of 100GB additional data and a maximum of 5,000GB, depending on the base data allocation of the plan, on a monthly basis for 12-months (or till the annual subscription ends). The changes are reflecting on the official Jio Fiber website.

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Jio Fiber annual plan benefits detailed

Jio Fiber planBase dataAnnual plan benefitLockdown benefitIntroductory dataTotal dataSpeed
Bronze (Rs 649)100GB100GB100GB50GB350GB100Mbps
Silver (Rs 849)200GB200GB200GB200GB800GB100Mbps
Gold (Rs 1,299)500GB500GB500GB250GB1,750GB250Mbps
Diamond (Rs 2,499)1,250GB1,250GB1,250GB250GB4,000GB500Mbps
Platinum (Rs 3,999)2,500GB2,500GB2,500GBN/A7,500GB1Gbps
Titanium (Rs 8,499)5,000GB5,000GB5,000GBN/A15,000GB1Gbps

Starting with the Rs 699-a-month Jio Fiber Bronze plan, it now offers a total of 350GB monthly data at 100Mbps speed, up from 250GB till recently. This 350GB includes 100GB base data allocation of the Bronze plan, 100GB lockdown benefit, 50GB introductory data, and, finally, 100GB annual plan benefit for a total of 800GB data. Similarly, the Silver plan at Rs 849 offers 200GB each for base data, lockdown benefit, introductory offer, and annual plan benefit. The Jio Fiber Gold (Rs 1,299) and Diamond (Rs 2,499) annual subscriptions also provide users with 500GB and 1,250GB complementary data, respectively.

As for the more expensive Platinum (Rs 3,999) and Titanium (Rs 8,499) annual plans, there are no lockdown data benefits considering the substantial data allocation Jio Fiber provides with them. Nonetheless, they still get the annual plan data of 2,500GB and 5,000GB, respectively.