Kinetic Luna EV to be launched soon, production begins

India's iconic moped could soon be brought back to life in a new electric avatar.

  • Kinetic Green will soon launch its new electric product, the Kinetic Luna EV
  • Kinetic Luna EV will be designed to cater to fleet operators and last-mile delivery agents 
  • The company has also procured necessary equipment, upgraded its infrastructure and started the production of components

India’s very own Kinetic Luna is all set to introduce its first electric two-wheeler in India very soon. The Kinetic Luna EV will be aimed at last-mile delivery solutions in India but might cater to a broader audience also. The company has invested Rs 3 crore in upgrading its current Ahmednagar plant.

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The electric Kinetic Luna could launch in 2023 as the company gears up to produce up to 5,000 units per month. Kinetic expects to do a yearly business of Rs 30 crore annually after introducing the Kinetic Luna EV in India.

Kinetic Luna EV to be launched soon 

Kinetic Green Energy & Power Solutions intends to launch the Kinetic Luna EV soon in India. Reports come in as Pune-based Kinetic Engineering Ltd has started the production of major chassis components of the upcoming Luna EV. The firm has already set up subassemblies for components such as the main chassis, main stand, side stand and swingarm for the upcoming Luna EV.

KEL’s Ahmednagar plant has now been upgraded with over 30 welding machines and an influx of Rs 3 crore has been subjected to upgrade its paint shop, press and fabrication shops. This would equip the plant to deliver finished products. 

Kinetic Green Energy & Power Solutions headed by Sulajja Firodia Motwani had earlier launched the Kinetic Zing High-Speed Scooter back in September with a claimed range of 125km per charge and a 60kmph top speed. Kinetic has however not highlighted the specifications that could be expected from the Luna EV. However, it is expected to be oriented to commercial applications rather than performance.