OnePlus reveals OxygenOS 13 in the works: Is this unified OS or something else?

What happens to unified OS now?

  • OnePlus confirms the development of Android 13-based OxygenOS 13.
  • The company is hosting an Open Ears Forum session on February 28th to discuss OxygenOS 13 with its community members.
  • The announcement creates confusion as OxygenOS was expected to be replaced by a unified OS.

In 2021, OnePlus revealed its plan of unifying OxygenOS with OPPO’s ColorOS, giving birth to a new unified OS, rumoured to be named H2OOS. As per the plan, the upcoming slate of OnePlus smartphones launching in 2022 was expected to run the unified OS, ditching OxygenOS for once and all. But it seems something else is going on at OnePlus, as the company confirmed the development of the next OxygenOS update – the OxygenOS 13.

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In a recent community post, OnePlus announced that it is working on the next incremental update for the OxygenOS based on Android 13 and wants to have a conversation with its community about the same. OnePlus is inviting its community members to an Open Ear Forum scheduled on February 28th to discuss the next iteration of OxygenOS. Interested folks can go ahead and register for the OEF here, but be quick as there are only 15 spots.

Now, it’s already 2022 and while we can’t move to offline events just yet (I’m sure everyone in the Community Team would love to meet you in person), we’re bringing back the online OEFs to overcome the distance between us with a brand new topic – OxygenOS 13. This is one of the biggest topics we’ve brought to Open Ears Forums to date, so don’t miss this chance. Your feedback will be instrumental to shape one of our most important  OS updates. The OxygenOS team is hard at work and they want to hear from you,” reads the community post. 
OPPO and OnePlus

The announcement creates a lot of confusion since OnePlus’ was expected to bring the unified OS out this year, but it doesn’t look like the company is done with the OxygenOS yet. Meanwhile, there’s no clue about the unified OS. Since the announcement, we haven’t heard anything about the purported unified OS, except it might be called H2OOS. The unified OS was expected to release with a flagship. However, we don’t see that happening as OnePlus is expected to announce the OnePlus 10 in India and other regions next month, and it’s said to be running Android 12 based OxygenOS 12.

It’s clear that unified OS has been delayed, and OnePlus is continuing with OxygenOS’ development for now. Another possibility could be that OnePlus is using the OxygenOS 13 as a decoy to keep its secrets safe. So, who knows? The company might have begun the work on the unified OS, and this whole Open Ear Forum is about it. We know it sounds a little, but anything is possible.